New blog; custom house design build

This new blog is meant as a chronicle of our plan to build a new house.  It was an accidental decision after we initially started thinking about a retirement home at one of the area lake developments.

After researching online, driving to and looking over the neighborhoods and lake areas (in the middle of the worst drought in Texas history), we had decided against that idea.  Unless your pockets are lined with “lots” of money, the nice spots that we would prefer we could not afford.

We hoped to build at a lake, then we started looking at pre-owned homes for sale, but we have very specific ideas on what kind of house we want, so we decided to explore the idea of a custom build.  Not an easy decision since we like where we are on a large acreage in the country.  With only a couple of neighbors and wide open spaces we would want the same type of surroundings.  Our out-of-the-nest children with expanding families meant we needed just a little more floor space and the house we are in needs some major updating (i.e., big money) so the idea of designing and building a new house kind of fell into place for us.

Future posts will follow our path to a new home and the ups and downs along the way.  We designed and built a house in 1995 so we know there will be ups and downs.  We are already slogging along trying to find the right builder for the project.  More on that in a later post.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. – Frank Lloyd Wright


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