We’re on our way

from the road, house pad leveled out

from the road, house pad leveled out

ducks on pond 03282013

ducks enjoying a spring day on our pond

So, we have now closed on our construction loan.  Once building is finished it will be converted into a permanent loan.

The builder was out with his dirt guy and they moved around some soil to create a new entry and drive.  We had the county come out and determine a culvert size requirement.  Their investigation showed we could install a culvert or not.  We have determined the way the road runoff flows, a culvert will not be required so we saved a few hundred bucks there.  The entry was graded so that water will stay in the natural flow away from our property entrance and drive and flow into the pasture next to us as it does currently.

We also called the utilities locater (required) and found we do have a water meter on our side of the road (it was very buried and hidden from view).  We had been told if the water line was on the other side of the road and not on ours, we would have to pay several thousand to get it bored under the road and brought to our side.  We lucked out all the way around, and the meter is very nicely placed right next to our driveway entry.  The phone line was also located and right next to the drive.  That would have been another expense had it not been right there on our side.  All that’s left is to get the electric to our side of the road and that will cost a couple thousand to bore under the county road to bring to our side.  Luckily, an electrical pole is located straight across from our entry and a transformer will be attached to that pole and boring under the road to bring wires to our side.  Considering what the potential cost was going to be for getting utilities to our site,  we are extremely pleased with this outcome.

We had a meeting with the builder to go over and review drawings and ask any questions before we get started.  We have been looking at windows and brick.  The windows now have been decided upon.  We made a few final tweaks to the plans and changed some single hungs out to awnings, some single hungs to fixed, deciding on where we want to have casements, and after some changes were made to the fireplace box size, we will be changing out the width of the windows just a few inches on each side of the fireplace.  That should finalize the windows.  That is important to have upfront as windows are installed just as soon as the structure gets framed, and that goes up pretty fast.  The  windows need a couple weeks lead time to custom build locally.

The foundation got staked and we inspected it to make sure the measurements matched our plans and also that the whole thing was sited as we had wanted.  Luckily, there was nothing to have modified.  We have quite a few piers that will be poured first before the foundation.  And we have had plenty of rain to deeply wet the clay soil so pouring the piers will be in a most ideal situation.  Having the soil expanded at its maximum means less potential for movement during the wet-dry cycles of our clay soil.

And, we purchased a new camera because we needed one, and a picture diary will be kept as we go along.  Photos will be posted here as we progress.

Stay tuned.  Our finish time is projected out for a six month build.


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