On a fast track

nice view from pondImageWell it has been awhile since last post.  Lots has happened house-wise.  So, fast forward to where we are today.  All framed with electrical, plumbing finishing up. We are waiting for delivery on roof (metal), windows and doors within the next couple weeks.

We have been busy making decisions which is always nerve-wracking and time consuming. After we got the windows and doors decided on, we knew we would have brick to decide and boy is that a huge undertaking on a custom house.  If you live in a development, there could be codes to follow like roof color or type, limited siding or brick styles to consider.  Out in our wide open spaces, the sky’s the limit.  That is very hard to narrow down.  Having a budget helps in knowing quantity of brick your design will require and then the cost of brick, which should give you an idea if it’s too expensive.  We knew stone was out of the budget, so we had an idea of a kind of brick we liked that had a “rough” look to it, so we hunted it down.  A lot of online looking at brick websites.  But our criteria was “tumbled” for one, then the color for us needed to be a lighter tone (as in stone-like), but not all white.  There was a good looking river rock brick that we thought could work, but it turned out it was only being produced in the white and so we had to move on to other ideas.  A lot of driving and looking at brick took a lot of our time until we could narrow down which one we liked the best.  Packer Brick has a very nice app on their website where you can plug in an address and find out what brick was used (name of brick and manufacturer).  Very handy.  I found out that for us, not being so specific by address number, but by just plugging in the street name, brought up all the bricks registered on that street with the house number.  We did a lot of driving in developments after printing off the results for each street in the development.

We also did a lot of shopping.  We knew what we wanted for faucets, fixtures, mirrors, ceiling fans,  hardware, so shopping online and at area stores way ahead of when we need these items allowed us to get what we wanted with good pricing and sometimes even on sale. Our builder will reimburse us out of the bank draw, as long as we have receipts and of course have the items to be installed when ready.  Work out with your own builder if they will allow it.  Some will, some won’t.  Some prefer you go through their very own contacts for your house fixtures.

We also finally decided on our granites.  I am not a big fan of granite, so getting something I could live with and enjoy I knew was going to be a challenge.  Our builder’s granite guy had a nice stock with an excellent price and even some custom made shower tiling with river rock that I am very excited to have him make up for us.  We were hoping to get as much “custom” work done to the house that our budget would allow.

For now, we are trying to made decisions as much in advance as possible so there will not be any delays to the builder.


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