House plan, part 3

Front of house with covered porch entry

Front of house with covered porch entry

front door into hall 2013-07-03 house 07032013 010 

House plans are so confusing.  My husband is an architect so I’ve learned to read plans fairly well.  I just have a very hard imagining the finished product.  I know what I would like for it to look like, but then I am afraid of being disappointed after completion so I really try to work on understanding the finished product.

Still, it is overwhelming and frightening to put so much time, money and energy into something that is so abstract, for me anyway.  I obsess and stress over each little detail so I will not be disappointed, or wish a different choice had been made later when it can’t be changed at that point.   However, I must say I did not have that feeling in the last house we designed. I liked everything about it.  We had a very tight budget so the options we had to choose from (lighting, flooring, etc.) were not so overwhelming.  This time, however, we have a bit more budget to work with and this house will be our final custom, so a few more considerations are being made.   To me, the kitchen, laundry, my sewing room, and master bath were important spaces to plan out in detail to make sure enough room was in each.  Break out the tape measures and measure each item in that space and place it, as well as measure for widths of counters, and walkways.  Make sure you have the space you want and need in important areas.

We made this house a one story, except for my husband’s office upstairs, so that any future health issues will not create unreasonable navigation issues. From the front door you can see down the long hall all the way to the master suite door. Along the way is access to the entire house with short transitional halls to other spaces. For the laundry room you walk under the stairs and through a short hall that has two closets in it. Access to the 2 guest bedrooms and bath is off to the left and into a short hall that contains lots of built in wall storage units. A few key doors widened a few inches, and not too many tight corners anywhere in the house. 

I hope to make the short walkway inclined from the drive to the porch so no stairs there.  Access from the garage inside to the house is easy enough with just a small threshold step into the house.  The master shower and guest bath have been blocked out between studs for any future grab bars; we will go ahead and add a couple in the master shower now.  The interior floor of the house is all flat, no steps anywhere (except up to his office) and easy access to all rooms.  Kitchen, living and dining are one open area, but in their own clearly defined spaces. We have lots of pocket doors, which don’t open into a room and take up space.  Regular doors on bedrooms and bathrooms; pocket doors in transitional hallways or shared spaces to be closed off as needed.  With bedrooms, it’s really nice having an additional pocket door closing off the hallway to the rooms.  Creates a more private space, and cuts down on excess living room noise if there are guests.

Beware of teeny tiny laundry spaces.  Have enough space in there; you will be using it a lot.   And mine is not usually so neat and tidy that I would care to have it sharing another space, like a bathroom or kitchen.  It will share space with our elliptical exerciser and our dog’s kennel, but it’s not a public area.

It looks to be a very easy functioning and navigable floor plan for us, but we designed it specifically to our needs.


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