Hurry up, Hurry up

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We should be finished by the end of September (doubtful) or by mid-October (realistic), so says our builder. The downside is this will all be happening just as my husband will be scheduled to undergo surgery an hour away in Dallas to remove his esophagus. He was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in June and has finished his chemo and radiation treatments and now must have a few tests scheduled before surgery just to see how well the tumor responded to the chemo and radiation. It should be reduced in size and make it manageable to remove through laparoscopy and the stomach moved up and reattached to replace it. I really had hoped the house and the move would be completed before surgery, but I can see all this will be interwoven into my schedule. Since he can’t assist with the move in any way, we have our son, daughter, and some friends and family who have volunteered to pitch in and do whatever needs done. We are grateful for their assistance. We never in our wildest dreams (or nightmares) envisioned cancer as part of this journey, but it should be a forgotten foe once the surgery is finished, so says the surgeon.

But now the house, which is in a flurry of activity right now. Next week the builder says the painters should be starting. The cabinet maker and trim guys are finishing up. The carpet and tile has been measured and will be ordered. The granite guys should be out to measure in just a few days. We are working with the septic people to get all the paperwork started for the system to be planned. The propane will be contacted next and we are getting the tank buried, which I have not seen done before, but we have contacted several people who have buried tanks and they say they are not a problem. We will pay a little extra to have that done so we don’t have to look at an unsightly tank since we don’t have a really good place of hiding it from view if not buried.

A few glitches have popped up that are being dealt with. The builder needs answers quickly so as not to hold up the trades involved in the “fixes”. The wood columns at the island are not trimmed out as we wanted so we are looking at the recommendations of the builder to improve the trim out on those. The plumber missed seeing our vintage high backed porcelain sink in the laundry as noted in the plans, and plumbed for a regular sink. He will have to come back and redo his handiwork to fit our sink.

vintage sink for laundry

vintage sink for laundry

It takes daily trips to the house at this point to review what is being worked on and make sure nothing gets overlooked and make sure our plans are being looked at.

I ordered all the door hardware and took one to the house and make sure it fit okay. They are all going to look great when installed. The doors are awesome and the hardware is the Schlage Addison Collection with Georgian knobs in Matte Black. The doors will all be painted just a matte antique ivory or similar with the black hardware. Very sharp.

matte black interior door hardware

matte black interior door hardware


all interior door hardware in matte black

all interior door hardware in matte black

We still have ceiling fans to purchase, but I found some I really like online at the local Home Depot and Lowe’s. Just need to decide which style work best for the bedrooms.

We are off to the house now with camera, plans, measuring tape, notebook and pen, and our reminders of what to look at and follow up with the builder tomorrow.


One thought on “Hurry up, Hurry up

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about the diagnosis – I am sure it will make the house that more important and special once finished.


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