More decisions

The flurry of activity will begin again as we get finished up. I met with the engineer for the septic system and that layout was decided and can be installed. The propane tank placement has been located. They can both be installed any time now. We made our decisions on granite, tile and flooring. The granite guys and floor guys came out and measured after all the cabinets were in place. The painters will be at the house starting next week for a couple weeks. We meet on Monday with our decisions made. The exterior color is never easy for me so I am down to two possible gray colors and either can work just fine. I will have the painters make a sample board for each color to really get a feel for true color and make a decision.

The granites we chose were honed Verde Uba Tuba for kitchen counters, and honed Verde Marinace (pron., mare-uh-notchy) for the kitchen island. The extra expense to hone these is worth it because it makes them look more natural, to go with our stone backsplash and other stones in fireplace and stone columns along kitchen and hall entry. The Blue Pearl in laundry will not be honed; I like the shine in that space. The remnnant marble they had and we got for a fraction of the original cost (still expensive though) was already honed and will be perfect for the guest bath vanity top. The backsplash in kitchen I will be ordering and they will install for us, and it is Jeffrey Court copper slate mosaic stick tile.

All the interior colors have been made and were easy as I am just using the same color palette I currently have and have been totally happy with and works with our present furniture and color schemes. All Sherwin Williams and nice warm colors. We will get lots of light because of all the windows and it should all glow inside. Buckram Binding in the living, powder bath, kitchen, dining,halls, sitting room/tv/office and up the stairs and into my husband’s office loft. Jersey Cream will be in all the bedrooms and master bath with Ecru Gray Tessuto floor tile. Sensitive Tint will be in the guest bath, with Ecru Gray Tessuto floor and bath surround tile. I was able to snag a very nice Carrarra marble for the guest bath custom made vanity cabinet. We have custom designed the marble backsplash surround to resemble an old style wash basin.

After the painters finish then the granite and marble tops can be installed. It is required to have all the sinks, faucets and cooktop onsite when they install.

Then the flooring and lighting and fans can go in, along with fixtures and hardware. Some interior and exterior clean up and pouring of front walk and patio and driveway will be the final things. Luckily, weather has not been an issue during these several months, although we need rain badly. The area is in its third year of drought. Some spots have had a little more rain than others, and our pond has maintained nicely. Fall will bring rain and get its level back up.

More boxing up what we can in our present house and taking to storage so when we move it should be down to just our basics we need here,plus our furniture. Each week is flying by and so I still have to paint the exterior of my clawfoot tub this week before they need it to install. It will be cooler temps the next few days so I can focus on that. Half the garage right now is in DIY mode as I finish up some packing, painting and sorting.

island trimmed

booth view

booth view

booth to living view

3 thoughts on “More decisions

  1. Such a handsome house – really glad its going well!


  2. Wow, it’s looking great inside.


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