Stone decision

So we went to the rock yard our builder referred us to and looked over choices for our fireplace wall and columns along our gallery hall. We had narrowed some ideas down to color gray, light rather than dark, assorted heights rather than uniform height, rough but not extremely rough surface, and coordinating with our other finishes in the house. It is in the main living room which is also adjacent to the kitchen and the dining, so it will need to coordinate with the slate floors and living room carpeting, which has coppers, greys, creams, and specks of other colors that give it some “lift” but are not big players in the overall look. It just really fits well with the slate colors.

We decided to focus on looking at Blue Streak Granbury Chop (grey and cream) and a nice block of grey slate for the lintel piece.  We will also have a 20′ span of straight grey slate that will go from wall to wall and function as the hearth and also seating or table space.  The fireplace has two big windows on each side of it, so the hearth seating wall to wall span will be under these windows as well.  The slate seat/hearth will sit on top of a short wall of Granbury under it to match the wall and overhang it a few inches so when sitting you don’t scrape against the stone.

The salesgirl was very helpful and offered some additional ideas for the way the stone can be cut and laid and how the lintel piece can be cut to add some interest and not look just like a lump of stone.  We will look at having it cut with a “v” in the middle so the “v” space can be inserted with a piece of matching cut Granbury, kind of like a keystone, but just decorative.

We will get our decisions to the builder so he can get everything measured and an estimate written up so we can see how we are doing budget wise.  The most expensive thing in any tile, granite  or  stone install is the labor cost.  He has been very good at estimating all costs within our budget and we haven’t made choices that are wildly expensive and out of our budgets yet.  We do like the stone choices and think they will be a great look in the new house.


One thought on “Stone decision

  1. Would love to see some pictures eventually – lighter seems like the right choice…


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