Slow going

It’s that time in the build process that things seem to slow down and feel like it’s never going to be done.  Our builder says we can be in by end of November.  So, it would seem we will probably be moving Thanksgiving weekend.  Of course.  What would anyone rather do Thanksgiving weekend than move.  It will probably be cold and rainy too.  Of course.

In the meantime, we have given our decision on stain color to the painter.  He advised they do the staining of woods first (we have kitchen cabinets and island, and crown moulding and wide base molding, plus the booth and wall slats, window trims and little bitty details here and there I can’t recall), and then they will paint walls and all the other trims, window trims, guest bath and laundry cabinets, etc.  They are starting today.  I will run by the house and see how it has progressed.  To see stain on one little wood sample is so different in large quantities in your own home, and hope you made the right choice with no regret.  I took them a drawer from an old piece of furniture that I wanted to try to get matched to a stain color.  I think they got it, I hope so anyway.  I will take pictures and post them tomorrow.

When the painters are done then more trades can come in to do their thing, like the granite installers and flooring.

We did find a couple of spots where the electricians did not read our plans and chose to install fixtures according to their own guidelines, which is apparently “center a ceiling fixture in the space”.  That is usually fine, but the two hallways they did this in actually had cabinets, installed after they left, and so the wall to wall measurement was not valid.  The measurement should have been cabinet to wall, and centered over the walkway in both halls. In addition, the mantra “read the plans” comes into force yet again in this build.  The builder had them remove those fixtures and sheetrock, tape and mud were done before the painters started.  The electricians will have to come back and and reinstall those fixtures later.

The aerobic septic system was installed yesterday.  It is the exact same system we have in our current house, so no surprises there. I met with the engineer recently and explained to him where we wanted the system to be, he designed the layout, we approved it, and the builder set up the install date.

Today, it’s me moving more things out of this house to storage so we don’t have much excess to move from here in case our helping hands are few.  My husband will be recuperating from surgery at that point in time and not able to lift or carry anything.

A few newer photos are attached.

living and booth papered for paint kitchen sink and dining windows papered for paint kitchen sink window papered for paint


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