Shake it up a bit

Well, since the last post, the painters have been in the house for the past almost-two weeks, staining first all the wood and cabinets that need to be done.  They are almost ready to start the final finish to the stain.  Jason our painter is sourcing a flat finish and provide a sample board.   He already provided the sample of the satin finish, which I am not totally opposed to, but we like our woods to look natural, so he will have a flat finish sample ready on Friday this week.

In the meantime, it was a shock to walk into the new house after stain had been done.  After all the weeks of bare woods and light walls, we have some visible color and I was scared to face my decision of stain color.  Now, after a few days of “aging”, a patina seems to be taking place and the color is settling in and mellowing.  I chose the color because it was not as red as some of the other stains, but had less brown and more copper tone to go with our slate floor and backsplash, granites and carpet.   I have posted some pics.   My husband-the-architect and I love the Craftsman and bungalow eras and so we tried to incorporate that feeling into the design.  Once they start painting and get the stain overspray cleaned up it will look a thousand times better.  Did I mention our booth in the living room, adjacent to the kitchen?  We always wanted one, and incorporating it into the living space seemed logical, to allow for watching the big screen on the opposite wall, having breakfast tea with a morning view, playing games with the family, or our grandson drawing and playing cars on the table top while in the same room with family.  The booth table is being designed with a galvanized top; a nod to industrial.

stain booth

stain dining to living

They have to do all the staining first; then they cover up and tape up all the stained areas so they can paint next.  Painting interior and exterior in the next couple weeks.  It will be tedious painting around all the stained woods, in  the main living mostly, with some stained bookcases in the private areas of the house.

Our flooring people needed us to choose grout colors for the tile floors and the bath wall tile, so that is now done.

Once painters have moved out the flooring and granites will go in with all fixtures and appliances.  Then it will really feel finished, except for all the final minute details that must be addressed.


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