Off topic, oh well

I wish I had a photo, but I don’t.  We are in love with frozen hashbrown patties. We are using the Brookshires store brand, but name brands like Ore-Ida have them.   In all our married years I had not bought these.  They seemed too “fake” for some reason.  I could not imagine they would have any flavor.  But, since my husband’s radiation and chemo treatments this summer, we had to find foods he enjoyed the taste and texture of, plus add some weight back on.

I will now confirm that he has added weight back on, plus some.  He is now back on a more realistic food intake since he is above his goal weight.  He was on a doctor ordered “eat everything, as much as you want if it tastes good”  diet.  Well, I reminded him he is now done with treatments, all food tastes good, he is keeping everything down, and he has not recently weighed in at the docs office.  We are just waiting for a determination on a date for esophageal surgery.   We know it will be a somewhat slow recovery back to solid foods, so he is banking on that as his defense to keep eating everything in sight.  Sorry, no.

But, these potato cakes are so convenient and nice.  He used to grind up potatoes, fry them, and usually they were too greasy for me.  I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and so my daily battle with food is usually on a collision course.  Some days are good, others are not and are totally unpredictable.  Grease is an enemy so I steer clear of all fried and greasy things.  These usually work out ok for me after draining on a paper towel right out of the oven.  Our toaster oven works great for these and we stock up when at the store.  If they go on sale, I stock up.

So, just a little side note today to reinforce simple things in life are great after you’ve been through some really rough days.  Enjoy the simple.


One thought on “Off topic, oh well

  1. We used to eat a lot of those! I hadn’t thought of them, in awhile… Yum!


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