Rails to Trails, and rain

We have had a very dry summer and our pond at the new property is down at the lowest we’ve seen it in the past couple years we’ve had the property.  But, the good thing is, it has not gone totally dry like some small ponds in the area.  Ours is at just under 2 acres.

We are getting nice rain which will bring the level back up nicely.  It also gets nice runoff from  huge drainage pipes that run under an abandoned train track that runs alongside our property and drains into our pond.  This is  very cool, the abandoned train track.  The track has all been removed and the counties have bought up the right of way and turned it into a hiking/biking trail.  So, along one side of our property we have a great nature trail to walk.  It is densely treed on each side and it actually sits lower than our property so we won’t see any activity along there.  They keep it mowed and trees cut back.  In some places along the trail it is gravel and in other places where it goes into a town it is concrete.  This stretch runs from Farmersville to New Boston, TX, about 130 miles.

Rails to Trails Conservancy is a nation wide system of abandoned rail lines being reinvented as hiking/biking trails.  There might be one near you.




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