Painters out, HVAC in

Today I stopped at the house to check on things.  Saturday I stopped by and the painters were actually working and finishing up.  I am guessing the builder gave them a deadline.  Today not much is new except the air conditioning system is in. 

My husband is still in the hospital after surgery (Transhiatal Esophagectomy (THE)) last Thursday, and is expected to remain there into this next weekend.  This is the last step in his cancer battle.  After going through chemo and radiation which finished up in August, this surgery is removing the esophagus entirely and stretching the stomach up to a small amount of esophagus they left in place to connect to.  They biopsied all those tissues during surgery to make sure no cancer cells were showing in the esophagus piece left in place.  All went well and recovery so far is really better than we could have anticipated. 

He will be out and recovered enough to be available to follow up on issues with the final stages of the house.  I think these next few weeks will fly by and we will be moving before we know it.  I can’t wait for the flooring, countertops, fixtures and appliances next.



One thought on “Painters out, HVAC in

  1. Glad to read that work on your new home is steadily progressing. I hope that it is a pleasant distraction from hospitals!


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