Nearing the finish line

fireplace stonekitchen sink splash sink backsplashtrack lights on dining side columndining pattern closeupkitchen sink and granite Uba Tuba gallery hall to front door guest bath marble top                                                                                                                                                                                    So much is going on now it is hard to keep up with what’s new.  In my visit to the house today, the stone on the fireplace is finished, as well as the stone columns in the kitchen and dining.

The electricians keep adding bits and pieces of new lighting and it’s hard for me to know what they’ve done new.  They have added white? undercabinet fixtures in the kitchen.  It baffles me why things get installed without asking, but I will have them change out the white.  I don’t like seeing those types of fixtures when I am seated, and white is just not cool on oak cabinets.

If I can catch them to clarify before they install it would be so much better, but I am (a) surprised they have been there, and (b) not sure what was specified for fixtures in the first place.   I will talk to the builder and find out my options on the undercabinet lights.

They have installed all the exterior lights and the back porch ceiling fans, which look very cool.  I love porch ceiling fans and in Texas they come in handy on those hot, windless days and evenings in summer.

The tiled floors are all grouted and look great.  This week the  carpet will be put into the living, guest hall, a guest bedroom, and the secondary living/TV area adjacent to the master.

I am also doing some pricing on getting our furniture reupholstered.  It has held up well, made by LaZboy, and can be reupholstered with a quality fabric much cheaper than buying new.  The professional was referred to me and does very good work.  It will only take him a couple weeks to do a sofa, loveseat, and small side chair, to start so it might be ready by move-in.  We will also have him upholster our booth in an easy clean vinyl of some kind, with good supportive cushioning and maybe nailhead trim it.  The custom booth table with galvanized top has been completed and will be installed next.

We are getting down to details and our punch list has quite a few little dings and touch ups to be done, but all new construction does.  It can even be done after we move in if we run out of time to get those few things finished up.

The exterior painting is being completed.  I just had the painter match the exterior color to the window color, which the manufacturer calls “Clay” but it is a medium toned grey.  The front door will be painted a much darker grey for contrast and interest.

The plumber will also be in this week and get his sink and faucets hooked up before the carpet guys come.  Everyone needs to be done and out before the carpet is in so they don’t mess it all up.

It is a frenzy of activity and our deadline we hoped would be end of November and looks like it should not be a problem.  Maybe be in the house before Thanksgiving, which may have to be rather informal and on the fly this year.


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