It’s all in the details

front house distance

The gutters went on this week and they did an excellent job.  The gutters are delivered already in a painted finish, which the color chosen was Clay, out of about 15 different color choices.  We had the painters match our exterior paint to this, which in turn matched our window trim exactly, also a color called Clay.  It’s a grey-brown color and just works perfectly.

We are down to cleaning and touching up the dings and dents in walls.  It is worth the time spent to investigate all the nooks and crannies to find those dings and dents and get them fixed before  moving in.  The builder has a handy man who comes in and searches for those, spackles and the painters touch up with matching paint.  I found some areas he had missed and just blue taped them for attention.

We did have an issue with the guest vanity marble top that was a little off in size and not installed and centered.  I knew I would not be happy with it and why they installed it anyway is anybody’s guess (maybe they thought no one would notice?), but the builder had them re-shape and re-install the top.  The issue was, in case they broke it taking it out to re-shape, they had no more of the honed marble we found in their cast off scraps at a huge savings, so I tried not to worry about that.  They were able to successfully remove the top from the sink and vanity and reshape it to fit correctly. I am now a happy camper. Still working on getting the cute glass knobs put on to add some sparkle.Image

The other two vanities in the powder bath and the master bath were fashioned from furniture we bought.  The trim carpenter allowed us to keep the drawers as functional storage by re-designing the interiors around the plumbing.



Still have those mirrors to put in when they are ready for them.  Don’t want to break them as they are originals.

I love our slate tile floors adding some color and rusticity to the look.  The brown, greys, yellows are all working nicely together in all the spaces. The carpet turned out better than I had hoped.  It has a copper brown undertone and the sheen is so nice in the fibers it reflects the lights and appears much lighter. It works well in the living with the Granbury chopped stone fireplace, Oklahoma grey flagstone hearth and booth materials. Our booth table turned out exactly as we had hoped with a custom galvanized top fitted over a very strong and sturdy wood top.  We will have the upholsterer get us padded seats and backs attached once we get moved in.


The cable lights were installed with no issues.  Since they had not done these types of lights before my husband was careful to get them a drawing of how to do it and also the phone number of a lighting designer they work with in his office who helped us order these fixtures.  They turned out great, above the sink, and above the gallery entrance hall that spans between the kitchen and living spaces to the back hallway. They are pretty inconspicuous because they are so thin. The shadows are making it looks like 4 wires; it’s actually only two wires that span the length and the little lights get attached.  There were some awfully cute choices in light fixtures, but these swivel around several different ways.  K-Hello at the gallery hall, and the K-Pivot above the sink. Tech Lighting’s website will let you see all the choices.



Next I will try to get some updated photos of some of the finished details.  I love all the hardware we chose.  It is all very cohesive and these drawer pulls are just fantastic.  I love bin pulls but they are usually so bulky looking; these are labeled as “art deco” pulls I found on Ebay for a fraction of what they cost in the store.  All the drawer knobs and pulls in the house averaged to about 79 cents. each because I bought them on Ebay and they are nothing fancy, although Matte Black finishes are not easy to find.  These are in my laundry room, but are also used in the kitchen and guest hallway ceiling to floor oak storage cabinets and drawers.




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