Panic attack

Everything is coming down to finish up this week.  However, I had a realization in the middle of the night over the weekend that there were no shampoo shelves in the guest bath tub wall.  It is tiled, and it is finished.  So, what to do?  First I got the plans to see if we missed that detail (we had not) and the tile installers must not have looked at the plans (once again, the homeowner must know what is supposed to go where or else they will get overlooked).  The builder also had not followed up to make sure they had done it right.


So in my call to the builder I asked what our options are (questions for options are much more appreciated than demands).  The tilers previously  had to tear out the entire finished tub wall tiles because they installed them horizontal instead of vertical per our drawings, but I would gladly have held them to the plans if that was our only option and have them tear it all out again and redo it at their expense. More manpower, more materials, and more time. 

Our less invasive option was to get a couple of shampoo shelves installed in the corners.  I was fine with this and they were able to do that in a day with very little mess.   They fabricated the shelves, radius cuts with two tiles sandwiched together and a nice grout line between them, at their shop and then brought them to install.  They cut into the wall tiles and sandwiched the shelves into the wall and grouted them in place.  .  It’s functional, is acceptable to my needs, and accomplished quickly.  Not exactly as planned, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

We also now have the custom shower door installed and some nice textured leaf glass panels in the doors of the island.  The only thing left being installed today is the custom handrail nicely stained and will go up the stairs to my husband’s office (with the best view, by the way).  We’ll do a punch list walk through with the builder at some point soon.

We are gearing up to move Thanksgiving weekend.  Since my husband had surgery in October, he is not allowed to carry, lift, or anything so we must get all the heavy two person lifting moved and in place in the house before the help all leaves us. I have been planning this for months and everything that can be boxed and stored has been done.  If the weather cooperates (not rainy, and preferably not freezing) we should not have any delays.

I will get some pics of finished spaces as it is all cleaned up and presentable.


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