A bright shower


We now have a beautiful custom shower door installed.  I went to the glass company the builder uses and was impressed with the quality of the glass (very thick and heavy) and the hinges he uses allow the door to swing in or out.  The door does not “lock” in place and there is a door sweep at the door inside the shower that prevents water from leaking out.  Our shower pan is dropped below floor level so we are safe from water escaping.  The handle side of the door fits pretty close to the frame, but our shower will not directly hit the door so no water leakage is expected from there either.  The various glass patterns were quite stunning and it was hard to make a decision, but we really didn’t need anything ornate in this room.  Up close this glass has vertical reeded lines with wavy glass between; hard to see in this photo. The high window in the entrance of the shower allows plenty of privacy and plenty of natural light, with supplemental can lights above. There will be a bench seat installed in the alcove where the towel bars are.

I also chose glass for the two island doors facing the dining space. The counter stools will fit in between at the island.  These shelves were a modification of what we had intended those spaces to be.  They had been drawn as recessed wine racks, but with my husband’s esophageal cancer diagnosis and subsequent list of foods to avoid (wine was on that list), we repurposed and redesigned those spaces. They can be anything they want to be, but right now I am going to use them as cookbook shelving.  The shelves are not lit from inside and the glass is rather opaque so any clutter will not really be obvious.  I just love the organic-ness of the textured leaves glass.  The island is Verde Marinace which is ancient rocks encased in granite, another organic surface. When they cut the slabs of this granite they are cutting through the encased rocks.  We are seeing the inside of these rocks in the surface.  We chose to have it honed to keep it natural looking.  The floor is slate tile, and the backsplash a mix of copper and slate.  I wanted a lot of nature inside this house, as well as looking out the many windows to 26 acres of nature.




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