My handy dandy kitchen addition

living to kitchen sinkI have a thing about countertop clutter.  I don’t like it.  So I do my best to keep all things small enough to fit in a drawer, off the countertop and in a drawer.  The only clutter area, besides the microwave and toaster oven, is at the sink where I have Bath & Body Works foaming soap dispenser, a dispenser of antibacterial gel, and a dispenser of hand lotion.  However, the new house will have these items living under my sink, somehow.

But I do miss having those cooking utensils rather inconveniently tucked away in the top drawer next to the cooktop.  In my quest to find handy and unique ideas for this house, I found this one on Houzz.

A utensil drawer next to the cooktop with utensils in stainless cups and stored upright.  Yes.  So our cabinet maker custom made this drawer for me.


The metal cups were ordered online at a great price from, and Browne-Halco 80113 4″ STAINLESS STEEL SOLID CUTLERY CYLINDER.  To make sure everything fit, I measured, and based on the tallest utensil I had plus adding another inch or so for good measure, the drawer was designed to fit within this space I had allotted to it.  It’s actually a drawer flipped upside down with sides cut down and the runners positioned at the perfect point, and designed to look like two drawers to balance with the other drawers here.  The cup holes were marked and cut by the cabinet man.

It’s handy where I need it to be, at the cooktop for utensils used during cooking, like spatulas, ladles, potato masher, whisks, etc.  I can’t wait to move my utensils to their new shiny homes.


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