Deep freeze in Texas

We got semi- moved in over Thanksgiving weekend.  That was nice.  Family came down from Kansas to help us as my husband is still recuperating from surgery and is not supposed to lift or move heavy items.

We had a nice four days at the new place and then WHAM, Mother Nature decided we should not wait any longer for Winter and dumped a massive ice storm on us.  I will post some pics of the “lovely” countryside.  We were without power for a day and a night, which is like an eternity in the country.

Then when the power came on the water stopped.  Found out that the local water district is not given any priority whatsoever by the electric company when repairs are being made.  They work by a “grid” system, and the water district was “in the middle of the grid”, which they had not gotten to yet, and they could not pump water into the depleted wells.  They could not give us a timeframe for water, although he said they were constantly on the phone with Sharyland Electric pleading for electricity. Luckily, the residents within the water district only had to wait overnight for water. They told us to conserve as much as possible while they pumped and filled the wells.

Oh my goodness, what a blessing we felt when all power and water was restored.  However, we are still in a deep freeze and only yesterday ventured out just a little.  Roads still had ice; the trees were split and broken from the weight of ice; we saw houses with broken limbs on their roofs and all over yards.  The limbs that broke and landed on the highway were being cut at moved out of the way by TXDOT and the utility companies.  Today is better, with a high above freezing, but just barely.  The trees are all still frozen with ice. The countryside looked like a foreign country, with all the pasture grasses thick with ice on each strand, so they looked like crystal straws, and trees were drooping to the ground from the weight of the ice.  Everything sparkled like glass in the sun today, our first glimpse of sun since early last week.

By next weekend it will be in the 50’s and we can finish clearing out our storage units and the old house.  This storm turned into a monster and was not in the least anticipated, other than some “freezing precipitation” last Thursday.  I still need to dig out the holiday decorations from storage and get some kind of holiday décor spread around the house, and get boxes unpacked at the same time.

It’s been a rough few days, but things are looking up and hopefully our move can be finished up in 50 degree weather.


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