Featured: Main Living Room

In our design process, to see our surrounding vista was important to us and not be blocked by walls.  Our two previous homes allowed limited “see through” of the main living through window placements that allowed views to our surrounding property.  We enjoyed being in one space having a three directional view.  In this house also, opening the view to the outside was important.  We are up on a hill and at night we see a few sparkling lights in the distances of nearby small towns that surround the horizon.  Just enough to not feel we are in a black hole.  Outside, the mass of stars glitter brightly since we are not close to any cities or light pollution.

In the previous house we enjoyed a view from the living room to the “front” to the neighbors pastures dotted with his cow herds, and seeing who was passing by on the country road.  We seldom had “through” traffic, and usually we were watching our neighbor traveling back and forth in his tractor to tend to his coastal Bermuda grass pastures, or hauling hay to a customer.  In early summer he might be out cutting and baling to provide his customers with winter hay.  Late in the fall he could be tilling a pasture to replant in wheat or oats, all visible from our living room.

Our view to the “back” of that property faced north and let us enjoy our flower garden views around the French doors that opened from the living to the backyard, and beyond to the barbed wire fence that kept the grazing cows in their pasture.  We allowed our neighbor to graze his cows in our pastures if he maintained the pastures.  We had all 100 acres of our property set up in this way so all we had to maintain was the small acreage around our house of about 8 acres.  We had installed a big nice barn and some nice fencing for our alpacas and llamas we had for several years.  I also had chickens, which I miss now and will establish a new flock in the spring here at our new house.



three mothers and their chicksIMG_0483

And so, our views in this house were enhanced with window placements at side, front and back of house so we can see “through” the house when we are in the living, kitchen or dining.  A high beamed ceiling also allows for great views of the hawks circling high in the sky, or ducks flying in for a landing on our pond. 

We were lucky to find a great window company, Maritech, with very nice hefty windows with a price in our budget. We were able to customize the windows and they were made to our specifications and then delivered to the jobsite on time. I would have liked to watch them install the huge triangular living room windows. Everything fit perfectly and we are very pleased with the look and quality. Our window choices included single hungs, awnings, casements, and fixed. Our Craftsman inspired home required a window to reflect that same style.

In the living are two sets of windows on each side of the fireplace mulled together at the house site after delivery. The living room has a mix of fixed and casements to allow a cool breeze to flow through in spring and fall when it’s cooler.

living lighted</a

The diner booth windows are double casements on one wall and a fixed on the other wall.

diner booth

The dining area has three large fixed windows that I don’t have a good photo of yet. The kitchen windows above the sink are all fixed, except for the small end window in the pantry workspace that is a single hung out to the porch.

from living area

island honed Verde Marinace granite

back to hidden pantry area

kitchen pantry workspace<
At the entry hall, there is a large fixed window to let in light to the hall, and it is across from the door to the powder, which has its own small window to the porch.

hall to entry door

living to entry

entry powder custom vanity

I like the clean look of fixed windows without screens in the way, or a crossbar in the middle of the view like single hungs.

We have appreciated the energy efficient windows in all this cold weather this winter. The sun is even more appreciated when it is shining through the windows and warming our snug home.


A world without Internet

Finally, after a month, we got our internet hooked up today.  It is like Christmas Day again, unwrapping everything stored up inside my little computer. 

Long story short, towers are important in receiving the signals and trees should not be in the way !  And, when in the country, cable is not out here, so satellite is the only option.

We had satellite at our other location so no big deal.  We were supposed to get our internet hooked up two weeks ago, but the installer came out and a hedgerow of trees was blocking the signal from the house, so he walked the property and found the closest visible tower and the preferred location of the dish.  In the meantime, we had to hire someone to come out and lay the cables and install a post so he could hang the small dish on it today with a clear view to the tower. Needless to say, it has been like being in isolation without access to tv, land line phone and internet.  We finally got a high def tv antenna to get some channels while waiting for internet.  The phone company is sending someone out from the engineering department to see if it is feasible for them to run phone lines from their station a mile away.  We are not “smart” phone users, but we may need to get acquainted with that tool as it can come in handy with various apps we could use, and especially use it for our own security set up and monitoring that our internet tech guy suggested we look into.

Anyway, it is New Year’s Eve 2013 and we are exactly where we hoped to be, so who am I to complain?  Looking ahead to 2014 and getting this place organized and prettied up a bit: shade trees, gardens, flowers, chickens.