Three months already?

We have been in the house 90 days at the end of this month. Spring is around the corner and it feels nice to have a few spring-like days until another cold front moves through and dips the temps 20 degrees (today, make that a 30 degree drop). We could use a little rain right now to get the ponds topped up.

I took a few pics around the outside of the house because it has been so cold I did not have any desire to get out there and take them before now.

We went to a tree farm an hour away in Gunter, TX on Sunday and bought some trees to be installed in mid-March. Here in Texas, you can really get them installed year round; however, if you can get them in either before or after the stress of a hot summer then it’s even better. We have used this tree farm before and have been very pleased with their products and installation. We bought two October Glory Maples that are really, really tall now, and will grow 3-1/2 ft per year to 45′. These will be spaced along our long back porch, but to offer summer shade more for the interior living room than the porch. The sun angle should cast nice shade over those windows.

Also one Chinese Pistache. It will go down towards the windows of the master bedroom and sitting room and not block our view to the pond. I love the delicate little airy leaves it has, but it is a trooper through all the seasons, no matter how harsh. We installed four of these at our previous residence almost six years ago and they never failed.

We also bought five Eastern Red Cedars to place along our barbed wire fence line nearest the house that borders the road along one side of our property, and spaced about 25 feet apart. This will help shield us from the road a bit, although it’s a minimally traveled country road.

Next up is to get some flower beds, vegetable garden, and a little sod installed by Easter when the weather starts to stay consistently warmer.
back of house view (2)

back of house view (3)

back of house view (4)

back of house view

driveway entry

front drive

front house exterior (2)


front house view master br corner

front porch entry

front sidewalk porch

garage end

master end of house exterior

porch rockers and grill area

rocker porch


Storage in the house

I am slowly finding ways to create more storage in closets and cabinets as I unpack boxes and find a place for everything.

First up, I have purses and like to have them visible and handy to switch out on a whim. To switch out quickly I am using the Kangaroo Keeper for purses that come in medium or large. It is a great product. You can also find patterns online and sew your own to customize the fit.

Then I needed to figure out a good way to have my purses on view and out of the way at the same time. I hit on my favorite little hook, easy to pick up at Walmart or any hardware store, and in white to match the walls of the closet. I did some measuring and figured I could fit two vertical rows of purses, with hooks spaced out six inches apart vertically and 13 1/2 inches apart horizontally, and placed on the wall to fit within the closet back wall and closet door edge.

The purses I use most I have on hooks, the others probably I will donate, but for now are in storage baskets on my top shelf until I decide for sure.

What I love is that this storage on the wall takes up very little space and I can hang clothes right up against the purses, but still easily find what I need.