Storage in the house

I am slowly finding ways to create more storage in closets and cabinets as I unpack boxes and find a place for everything.

First up, I have purses and like to have them visible and handy to switch out on a whim. To switch out quickly I am using the Kangaroo Keeper for purses that come in medium or large. It is a great product. You can also find patterns online and sew your own to customize the fit.

Then I needed to figure out a good way to have my purses on view and out of the way at the same time. I hit on my favorite little hook, easy to pick up at Walmart or any hardware store, and in white to match the walls of the closet. I did some measuring and figured I could fit two vertical rows of purses, with hooks spaced out six inches apart vertically and 13 1/2 inches apart horizontally, and placed on the wall to fit within the closet back wall and closet door edge.

The purses I use most I have on hooks, the others probably I will donate, but for now are in storage baskets on my top shelf until I decide for sure.

What I love is that this storage on the wall takes up very little space and I can hang clothes right up against the purses, but still easily find what I need.




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