De-cluttering after moving

Moving into a new house means trying to find a place for all the stuff brought from the previous house and may have been bought for a specific spot in that old house. In the new house, every wall, nook and cranny needs to be evaluated to see which item can be used.

We actually made a spreadsheet of all our furniture with dimensions, décor items, lamps and wall art, and rooms they belonged in. We designed our spaces around many of the pieces we knew we would be keeping so they would definitely fit.

My husband’s grandparents washstand needed floorspace in the master bath.
master bath washstand

The handcarved bench seat needed a wall to sit up against in the dining room, next to the big windows, as a windowseat. I plan to plant a nice perennial garden out there.
carved bench dining

dining carved bench

We also bought a very old Craftsman styled dining buffet, and we made a niche just for it, with a spotlight to highlight it at night. I like it very much; it’s signed on the back but I have not been able to find who made it.
dining floor and stairs lights on

buffet front

buffet side

The elliptical machine has a niche we designed in the laundry room, and we can look out the double patio doors and out to the pasture while exercising, instead of facing a blank wall.
elliptical corner

We even designed a grouping of niches along the back hall that will hold wall art in the upper niche, and bookshelves in the lower half.
hallway niches

It’s all the little collected things that need to find a spot for and look like they belong, without being cluttery. Some things need a shelf and others need a wall to hang on. Slowly I am finding spots, but I think I will be boxing up things to sit in a storage closet and then rotate things every so often to freshen up and revive some displays. It’s hard to think about getting rid of things when we like them all so much for whatever the reason. Our own little memories; no one else really cares.


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