We have trees!

I love trees. They house the wonderful sounds of singing birds and shield the quiet mother in her nest of young ones. The mockingbirds, cardinals, hummingbirds, bluebirds and so many others are a joy to the ears. The roadrunners are there somewhere, I can hear them calling. We get to see them only as they quickly cross the road when we drive by the dense cedar cover. My mockingbirds and hummingbirds are my favorites.

Our new house needs trees around it, not just to cast some shade in the heat, but just to make it look like it “belongs”. This pasture has no trees in it; farmers don’t want trees in pastures that they cut for hay. However, we do have a nice dense tree line along one length of our property which is an abandoned railroad that has been turned into a walking/biking trail (Rails to Trails Conservancy ). It’s still very much a nature trail, just the railroad ties have been removed and someone keeps it somewhat maintained and the grassy surface mowed. The tree line and the high banks shield our view of any traffic on it, but the trees are a great enjoyment. We hope to utilize the path when it gets warmer. The trail season’s Opening day is this Saturday. Right now, this one spans from Farmersville, TX up to Paris, TX.

So, we went tree shopping a few weekends back, and our tree installation scheduled for Wednesday last week. We have used this tree nursery before and were very pleased with the service. They only sell “successful” trees; no unproven trees and nothing that doesn’t like our area of Texas. With an 18 month tree warranty with free replacement, the owner doesn’t want to have to foot that bill very often. He will gladly do so, but he invests only in trees that give him confidence in their reliability. He will change his stock accordingly if certain plants are moving into higher percentages of loss.

The guys arrived before their 9:45 am scheduled time. They got right to work and had 8 trees installed in an hour and a half. The rain we recently had helped them out as the ground was nice and moist and easier to hand dig. They have it down to an art and are a well oiled machine. I only had to provide hoses for watering in the trees when planted.

I will now patiently wait for the October Glory maples and Chinese Pistachio to leaf out and house my birds.


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