A garage as intended

Finally our garage has room for our cars. Since we moved in here late in November (Thanksgiving weekend; too busy for turkey), the ice and snow storms just were not conducive to working in the garage and clearing it out. So it has been in a literal “holding” pattern until just a few weeks back in March. It was up in the 70’s one Saturday, but expected to plunge back down into the freezing temps the next day, so we got busy.

I did not take a picture then because it was too embarrassing to have it crammed full of stuff. We got busy tossing, boxing for donations, and moving furniture “keepers” and my garden supplies out to the 16×32 metal building we had moved here from our other place. It was formerly fitted for my husband’s woodworking shop. Since we designed a workshop space for him attached to the garage, the building is now mine to use. One-third of it is walled off for storage space; the rest is going to be for me and all my garden stuff and potting bench, supplies for my chickens I will be getting, and just general outdoor accessories. I am really trying to keep clutter to a minimum so I will try my hardest to not junk it up.

We now have a livable space for our two cars. The mower will move into the workshop once it gets shelves and benches built so things are organized and off the floor. The shop space is still a mess, but a thousand times better.

semi clean garage

workshop to organize

We do have a few projects in the garage to clean it up even more. A mud bench to be built to house our Wellies and outdoor shoes and hangup hooks for coats. The big metal cabinet is my project I am just getting started on, first priming then painting it black. It stores all my paints and painting paraphernalia.

The little refrigerator is being used mostly for a “very few” overflow groceries, but mostly it is sentimental. It belonged to my husband’s parents, and they purchased it in about 1948. It needs some exterior refurbishing, but it still runs and keeps things cold for waters and power drinks (nice in summer) and keeps a few things in the tiny freezer.

Westinghouse refrig exterior

Westinghouse interior

It just feels good to have a usable garage again. It will look even better very soon, now that warmer weather is here to stay.


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