Windows, windows, windows

We have 60? assorted windows. We love light, and sunshine, and the outdoors. Example: our sitting room has six windows; the master bedroom/closet/bath has twelve; the garage/workshop has ten. So, window coverings are needed on some to shade, shield and block out the sun, depending on the room’s use. Not all the windows will be needing shades, but a few windows are needing some custom shades.

For the master bedroom windows and guest bedroom I was able to buy off-the-shelf white faux plantation Levolor’s at Lowe’s. Very nice; I’ve used them before. However, the upstairs office space has custom windows that could not use off the shelf products. Plus, we wanted something other than white in those windows. I remembered hearing about Blindsgalore, an online source of all kinds of window coverings. I actually checked out some Levolor and Bali blinds sample books at Lowe’s and decided what I wanted to use; colors, surface finish, blind depth.

upstairs office
Because these particular windows include casements on each side of the fixed middle window, the depth is shallower with the handle configuration intruding into the opening. I needed skinny slats, so we went with metal shades, in a complementary grey color, and a matte finish in a subtle texture. I could choose which sides I wanted the wand and lift cords. Blindsgalore has an exceptional return policy; even if you mismeasure and the blinds don’t fit, they will take them back, for any reason actually. We should be getting them early next week. They have a very quick turnaround and I’ve already gotten my email that says they have been shipped.

grey Granbury chopped; Maritech windows
Next windows to address are the living room. I have requested my free shade samples from Blindsgalore and will decide on those pretty quickly. Four windows flanking the fireplace will be solar screens with open weave to just shade the windows but still see out, two on adjacent wall will be a solid weave to provide night time privacy on just a couple windows that face the road. It is very hard for me to commit to something that we will have probably forever, so the shades and blinds are very critical for me to address space by space and make sure they function as needed and look very nice.


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