Our pond was roughly calculated at 1-1/2 acres surface by the local Farm Service agent and we don’t have any idea how deep they dug it, but it has not gone dry in the last couple years we have had the property, and we are talking “drought”.

We just got a fantastic rain this past week, and narrowly missed the tornado that was just a very few close miles east of us. They all got ripped apart over there. I was waiting for huge winds to rip out my newly planted trees and tear off our shiny metal roof; fortunately, the winds stayed fairly slow as we hunkered in the hall under the stairs until it all passed by, and were without electricity for 12 hours.

full pond

The pond did get filled up to the brim so our fishies and turtles should be pretty happy about that. I was reading online that when drought causes the waters to recede and expose the muddy areas, the microbes get to work and start composting bad stuff and cleansing the soil, getting ready for the fresh water at the next rains. Everything works together to create a healthy habitat.

It had been suggested to feed the fish with purchased pond fish food; this will beef up the catfish and we can catch and keep some (regretfully, I will have to learn how to prepare these) that reach over the 1.5 pound mark. Some of the other fish will benefit too. We’re not sure what all is in there, but we have caught catfish and some different kinds of bass. Weeding out the really large fish keeps the The turtles we see sunning on the banks, and the visiting ducks, herons and geese enjoy eating whatever they eat.

Our last stroll a couple weeks ago around the pond saw big cat tracks, and last year we saw deer tracks on the perimeter. We have been warned there are panthers in the surrounding woods of our area and have killed some neighbor dogs. Coyotes are around also, which I love to hear howling at night. Last night it sounded like a lot of young ones, with their high pitched yips. We’ve also seen raccoon tracks, and lots of little pond bank bird tracks, not sure what they are.

We got our grandson, who is an athletic and busy three year old, his own fishing rod for his birthday and he is ready to get down there to fish on his next visit with us.


2 thoughts on “Pond+Fish

  1. Wow, you are living in the wilds! I had no idea that the U.S. had panthers. What an exciting life! Glad you missed the tornado though.


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