Landscaping with native plants

Native Plant Society of Texas

Because I am deep in the process of trying to get landscaping established around the house, I have been doing research on plants I want to use, and also try to find native plants I can use. I don’t have many choices to go to for plants locally, and so it has been a challenge to get much accomplished except in small spurts.

I want to keep it all easy to maintain, and have learned a few things over the years that help accomplish that. I was able to work a little magic at the previous house. It had not been landscaped at all on the back of the house, so I worked little sections each year. By the time we moved, there wasn’t really much more to accomplish; it all worked well and was easy to keep up. The various perennials reappeared each year and just needed a little dividing as they got too cramped in their spaces. I had landscaped around the entire perimeter of the house foundation, and added pavers to a previous owner’s mudpit that collected water, and created a nice little sitting area outside the back entry breezeway porch among the flowers.

2013-06-24 garden 06242013 002

2013-06-24 garden 06242013 006

I am finishing up the front flower beds. Mulch is in, soaker hoses in place, and just a few more larger evergreen shrubs to get and I am done with it, this year anyway. I am trying to get the beds in so we can get some sod put in. I am ready to start work on the back of our new house
back of house view (2)
and will be looking for more rosemary, some Russian sage, purple coneflowers, Shasta daisies, and salvias, to get started. It will collect the heat of summer on this side and needs to be drought tolerant. Soaker hoses and mulch are our friends in the summer, so these will be integrated in the beds. I should get started this week as soon as the rain lets up.


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