Pond wildlife: What is That?

Our pond is a busy place right now. It has rained abundantly (but still not enough to get us out of a drought) and the pond has topped out.
Going down to feed the catfish (and other fish brave enough to challenge the large catfish for food), we spied something moving along the bank. Then it plopped into the water for a swim and was hard to figure out what it was.

Well, after much tracking and picture taking, it turned out it is a beaver. What in the world, in a north Texas pond, is a beaver doing here? Apparently, it is not unusual and they don’t hurt a thing, unless they start eating trees you want to keep.



Quickly researching our new visitor, it seems this time of year the two-year olds are kicked out of the family den and must find their own place to live. They can roam five or six miles to find their own piece of heaven. They can also get very big, with adults reaching up to 100 pounds, but typically usually around 60 lbs. They are rodents and vegetarian, so the fish and turtles are safe. We will keep an eye open for signs of a den, as they can dam up a spot to their liking so the water will stay at a level that they like. Our pond is fed through two giant culverts that are under the abandoned railroad that is now a hiking/biking trail along one side of our property. It is nice because it really fills our pond when it does rain. It has never gone dry while we have had the property these past two years.

So this uninvited guest may choose to hang around, or move on. As long as he doesn’t upset the ecosystem, he can stay.


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