Ancestry research is a good thing

This is off topic regarding the house, but I spend time each week working in the Find A Grave website. I have set up an account and can go in and link together relatives who may be separated from each other because they are in different cemeteries. I find it very interesting and I also help with corrections in name spellings vs. headstone spellings. Sometimes the old stones were carved incorrectly with names and/or dates, so a little research is required. I also find my own relatives and create a file for them.

I also did the DNA “spit” test and found that my ancestry percentage is high in Great Britain and Ireland, which I thought it would be, since I do have an Irish maiden name, blue eyes and (strawberry)red hair and Irish surnames on both sides of my family tracing back to County Cork, as well as known relatives from England. The remaining trace DNA markers show ancestry from areas surrounding Great Britain. It’s very exciting to trace family back as far as you can go, and the technology and web information makes it so much easier to find those elusive relatives.


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