Meadow Sweet Meadow

Our neighbor has cut and baled our 26 acres and will soon move the bales to his house on the next road over. Until we decide what to do with the acreage, he can cut it and bale it for his own use. Saves us the trouble. We have been lucky to get some significant rain this spring so the pond is very full and the fish are thriving. DSC_0007 - Copy

I have been lucky to get several items at half off at the nearby big box stores that keeps me in the dirt almost every day. It has been challenging to find plants that will fit under our windows when mature, will like the sun, shade, or semishade of their garden space, and will like the variable and ever changing weather of Texas in summer and winter. My ventures to the garden centers take so much time as I must read each and every plant description card to make sure they will work. It is most deceiving to see a plant labelled as a “dwarf something” and read that it gets 12 feet tall at maturity. I find that humorous. I found Orange Rocket barberry, daylilies, butterfly bush, purple coneflowers, Encore azaleas, Knock out roses, rosemary, salvias, Pistachio hydrangea, firecracker bush, begonias, impatiens and daisies. These will get me started; I will add to the spaces each year to fill in.

In the past couple months I have managed to get a few things planted to make it seem like we are established and not just floating on the turf.  I am in no way done, although I always like to have my gardening finished up by July so I can stay out of the hot weather, except for the watering.  With our area  water restrictions, we keep watering to a minimum and drip hoses are the way to go.  I have them set up so they always stay in place and I can just attach to the faucet, turn them on, set my timer in the house and let them drip for 30 minutes or so.  It keeps my plants very happy. I have mulch and edging to put in place in several beds right now so they look a little forlorn. Mulch keeps the ground from drying out quickly in our very hot summers.

Front entry flower beds

Front entry flower beds

The hanging spider plant in the front flower bed is hanging from an iron hoop type frame that just pushes into the ground. We got it a couple years ago at our once a month Canton Trade Days in Canton, TX. A blacksmith from Nebraska comes down almost every month to sell his stuff. I really like the simplicity and versatility of it. I may move it sometime in the future and replace it with a birdbath, but for now my spider plant likes where it’s at and we can see it from inside through the dining room windows.

Spider plant

Spider plant

The entryway porch now has our big Texas sign on the wall, and it’s visible from inside the house through the window of the kitchen butler’s pantry workspace. It gives a little more depth through the window than looking at a blank wall. My little plant in the rusty cloche is temporary, but it likes its home. I plan to get an ivy growing that will twist and turn on the wires.



I am still working at weeding out a few stored boxes of items. I have been donating to a local women’s shelter at My Sister’s Closet in Greenville. They use the funds from sales to help women in need with housing, education and jobs.

After all the work is done for the day, rocking on the porch, listening to all the birds and wildlife, and watching the hummingbirds zip in for a sip, is very relaxing.

Summer on back porch

Summer on back porch


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