Finished concrete floors and staining

I am not a floor expert, but we had considered doing stain finished concrete floors in the new house. I chose not to because I wanted to know exactly what I was getting. And you don’t really save much money, if any, over tiles or wood planks; it is labor intensive and you need someone who knows what they are doing, i.e, very experienced.

Doing my research beforehand, I was reading that no matter how nice and smooth and clean the concrete is that is to be finished, the concrete is not consistent in its makeup so stain will react differently in one area than another, hence the variations in colors and depths. A source mentioned it being a more “rustic” floor, and I think that would be a true comment.

“Will pet urine stain the concrete floors?

•Depending on what type of sealer is used on the floors. If urine is left to sit on water based sealers, the urine will tend to leave a dark spot. If urine is left to sit on solvent based sealers, there will be no dark spot left behind; although, the sealer will start to lose its shine. The shine can be brought to life by applying a floor wax. In using a polyurethane sealer, urine will have no effect on the sealer or the concrete floors.”

I read of someone who had old (probably 30 years) stained concrete floors that they needed to refinish. Their old dog had urinated in several areas, creating acid stains, and their floor mopping had also worn down the finish and color in those areas. I am guessing the products they used may have contributed. Refinishing was going to be expensive for them.

I just decided I could not bear the worry and potential expense in maintaining those floors; we have a dog who is getting older and I know there will be issues with her.

I do like the color and pattern our slate look tile gives us. Easy maintenance and no worries.

Entrance hall into living and kitchen/dining

Entrance hall into living and kitchen/dining

In the dining room

In the dining room

Linen look tile in the bathrooms

Linen look tile in the bathrooms


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