Honed vs. Polished granites

Before we built this house, we had never had granite and I never wanted it. I thought it was just ugly. I am not a lover of speckly, blotchy, in-your-face granites that I seemed to see everywhere. However, knowing we would be putting granite countertops in this house after all, and during my research on line, I found some very lovely, swirly and motion filled granites. The Juparana granites were very interesting with their colors and drama. The websites I liked to look at had photos of full size slabs of granites so you can see the variations. Our granite supplier had some of these. After much deliberation, we decided that, because the kitchen backsplash was more of the focal point, the countertops would be more neutral to blend in. However, the large kitchen island could be a more dramatic granite, but still needed to blend with the surrounding floor tiles and backsplash stone and honed Uba Tuba countertops.

After visiting the granite supplier several times to choose our various materials, we chose a neutral Uba Tuba and had it honed for the kitchen countertops to create a more organic surface that doesn’t reflect the light like a polished surface.

The granite guy had a most interesting granite slab right at the front door of his warehouse every time we walked in and we always commented on it. We needed to choose an interesting granite for the island on our last visit and see what was new or caught our eye. We finally stopped to investigate this interesting slab and he told us it was Verde (green) Marinace (mare-uh-notch-ee). There is also a black type and a gold (the color showing in the background of the pattern).

Verde Marinace is a collection of rocks and stones that are captured in the granite and when the granite is sliced into slabs, the rocks also get cut. What you see are the cross-sections of these age-old rocks. It is most fascinating once you realize what you are looking at. We chose this for our island, but instead of the shiny polished, we paid a bit extra to have it honed, to achieve a natural and organic look. We love our honed Verde Marinace granite island. It is a conversation piece, and fun to look at every day.


DSC_0003 (2)


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