Not ready for Fall

I love the warmth of summer, even in it’s scorching worst, unless I have to be out in it much. Now that we don’t have alpacas to care for and chickens to worry about in the heat, there is less anxiety and I don’t have to be in that heat if I don’t want to. This summer has been really pleasant and we have had some nice intervals of wet and rainy weather that cools everything down for a a few days.

I’ve been trying to keep all of our new trees well watered. The nursery we bought them at installed them for us (what a blessing that is) and gave us a watering schedule for each month. Right now, for July and August, we water daily. I have one row of trees hooked up so I can water three at a time which saves me time. They are a distance from the house and I only have to move the hoses twice to get them all watered in an hour. The other three trees are just a few steps off the back porch and are easy to handle; I usually take that time to rock in the porch rockers and listen to the birds and watch the hummingbirds flit about.

When it gets really hot and miserable outside, I work on my computer on my Genealogy, or plan something to sew. I really like the website for great discounts and they price designer fabric odds and ends pieces really, really low. I need some new and interesting pillow covers for Fall.

Seeing all the new Fall merchandise on the shelves already always gives me a bit of anxiety knowing that soon the leaves from the trees will drop and the days will get shorter. And I must always remind myself that we still always have nice weather here usually up till Thanksgiving when we start getting winter blasts. We are originally from Kansas, so I have vivid memories of really nasty weather up there.

This week it’s hot, reaching the 100’s. I need to work on more of my flower beds, but I don’t like planting anything in this heat. I did have some zinnia seeds bloom and they are always a sturdy plant in the heat. My Coneflowers are my second sturdiest heat bloomer.

Back to tree watering and porch rocking.


One thought on “Not ready for Fall

  1. Rocking in a chair on the front porch, iced tea in hand, sounds like the ideal summer pastime. Watering is an every-other-day must in the summer here in California. Fortunately, Mr. B takes care of that for me while I’m at work. We’re currently praying for a break in the drought. Thank you for stopping by today.


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