A little set-back

We thought the road ahead was clear from cancer. My husband went through esophageal treatment last summer, with radiation, chemo and surgery (removing the esophagus and resectioning to stomach; recovered nicely) and a final round of chemo in Feb this year to zap all the lingering meanies. Well, lo and behold, a few renegades lingered and he has a tumor on his spine that caused tremendous pain for two months until it was found with an MRI in July, last month. Needless to say, we felt like we had been hit by a truck. It was wonderful to finally get his pain diagnosed and treated, but we had not expected this.

He was immediately put in the hospital (from doctor’s office visit down the hall, he walked into hospital admitting) for more tests, and radiation started within two days. That’s how urgent it was. He was on radiation for two weeks and now has two weeks “off”. He’s ready to start chemo in two weeks for a 9 week session (three 3-week rounds).

I had a “to do” list for around the house, but now that’s all on hold. I am going to keep doing a few little projects around here that I can manage and will post what seems worthy, watch the hummingbirds, work on my genealogy, and probably some posts including our 3 year old grandson’s visits.

Since we have been through this before it’s not quite as daunting to think about, and no surgery this time, but still it kind of puts your life on hold. Since his immune system gets destroyed during treatment, he must avoid crowds and sickness, so we tend to not go anywhere and he may not feel like it anyway. The wedding we planned to attend in Kansas City will have to be declined; the visits to our grandson in Okla City will have to be delayed. He cannot drive and will have to work from home as he is able (as an architect, a lot of things he can do from here; job site visits he cannot do). I run my errands as needed by myself. I’ve been doing all the yardwork (mowing 4 acres or our 26, and planting and working the flower beds before the scorcher weather set in) as he has been recovering from his last chemo.

Last year we were building a new house amidst his treatments, and so this year it is nice to be in the house and not have any additional stress with that. Looking for any silver linings I can think of.

I researched this type of tumor, and 5-10 percent of all cancer patients develop it. It is not operable as it is in a very sensitive area of nerves and things. Chemo and radiation will hopefully kill the cells and keep it from spreading, and maybe shrink it down a bit to relive some pressure. He may have pain to be controlled from this point on, and will need to be monitored and dealt with as needed. He will be on regular monitoring
with CT, MRI and bone scans. He just filled out all the paperwork for his disability insurance assistance.

Heading into fall, we can just hibernate for several weeks and enjoy the cooler weather that I hope is heading our way.


One thought on “A little set-back

  1. Wishing you both plenty of strength.


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