Projects around the house

I decided to post some things I’ve done around here, because it will:
1. remind me I have been productive
2. I have completed projects on my list
3. prod me to move on to a new project

For one, outside I did finish, mostly, the front garden area since it’s seen when approaching. I keep moving the birdbath to different spots to see how it feels for me, but basically I got that done as soon as it warmed up in the spring. It is amazing how many bags of mulch this thing took, and really it’s still thin and needs more. At Lowe’s, they tend to clear out plants in groups by around June. They don’t advertise these sales, so I found myself dropping in every other day, if not almost daily, to see what new bargains they had. This photo doesn’t have the birdbath in it and the plants have grown and filled in. I have also added a few others since the photo was taken. The edging was not finished then, and more mulch has been added.

I also kind of got my sewing room in order. With my husband ill, some shelving I need designed and installed in the sewing closet will have to be on the back burner and my room is a bit unfinished, but I can work on a project if I shuffle things around a bit. We bought tables at Ikea that are nice and sturdy and fit around the room well.

I had a vanity I bought for my designated space in the bedroom, and it’s actually a drop down secretary desk.
vanity front
The front drops down open to give me access to all my makeup tools without having to drag things out and then put them away. Just close that door and it’s tidy again. I loved the paint I used, which was a spray paint, Rustoleum Metallic in Soft Iron and also Silver Nickel for the drop down interior.
Satin Nickel interior empty
Satin Nickel interior filled
The drawers I just painted the fronts, but the sides I am considering a stenciled on pattern like I saw on Pinterest to dress them up a bit, but really not necessary at all.
frames and old escutcheons
My little collection of owls and my peacock prints and textile art decorate my space. I painted those frames, as well as the old door knob escutcheon plates, the same Soft Iron to make the space feel coordinated. I like the way it all turned out and that paint is so durable.
paint used
vanity space

I am working one of the guest rooms now. I hung some pictures and my plate holders and decorative plates I like, hemmed up some sheer blue drapes, and plan to paint my personal 1950’s dresser in a very pretty navy Velvet finish spray paint by Valspar. And I want to repaint the bedside table and a small book shelf my husband made in 1980 for our son’s nursery. It has traveled with us all these years. I have a very old iron bed in there that I painted navy blue years ago and I like that blue a lot. It will go well with the Ralph Lauren postage stamp patchwork quilt and shams I currently have on the bed. I hope to get that going this weekend, but we have company coming so it may be delayed a few days.

My projects are a great diversion each day once the daily drive to take my husband to radiation is completed. Since gardening is probably going to wait till Spring, this will give the inside of the house some new focus.


One thought on “Projects around the house

  1. What a great use for your secretary desk! I would have never thought to use it for makeup. I have one that is in dire need of a makeover.


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