Waiting for Fall

We got a taste of Fall last week here in north Texas. The air conditioning was off and the windows thrown open. The temperature dropped to highs of 60’s for a few days. Of course, this week, we are back into the 90’s, but the hurricane is bringing us some much needed rain. We may get drenched this weekend.

My husband’s illness has limited my time and energy in getting to work as I had planned in the flower beds. I have decided to do what I can here and there as I feel like it. For me, working after a rain is really nice because I can just hand pull those weeds out and easily hand spade a flower bed.

At our last house the previous owner raised buffalo and built a very sturdy corral. We had that taken down and put a nice barn in place for our alpacas. The stockpile of pressure treated fence posts were great to use as garden edging around the house. When the plants matured they covered the edges of the posts and you couldn’t really see them. I wish I had some of those here to use. I may just gather some downed wood from the trees along our fence line to use. Metal edging and wood posts are more than I care to spend right now.

I really want to get some more perennials in place. I have had good luck with purple coneflower, Shasta daisies, rock rose and any salvias. I planted Black and Blue salvias and really like the looks of those. The rock rose reseeds and offers up new seedlings that can be replanted elsewhere. The coneflower does as well and is a very sturdy plant. My Knockout roses, rosemary, and Russian sage are also dependable. The roses even bloom for me through most of the winter. I read that the Knockout roses bloom in cycles, so that explained for me flushes of growth and blooming and then no blooms, followed by more blooms. I have not had any issues with pests with them.

And so, my husband’s brain surgery was successful and uneventful. His surgery that day was delayed a couple hours as his surgeon had an emergency surgery first, and so our surgery was not started till 9 pm and finished at 11 pm. My husband was already being taken for a walk down the corridor early the next morning, and bounced back from surgery so quickly they released him at noon on day two in the hospital. He never had any swelling or pain from the removal of his golf ball sized tumor. He started two weeks of whole head radiation this week. After these two weeks are completed, chemo will start for about 12 weeks of treatments. I said in my last post, after surgery we would make lemonade with our lemons, and so we did.

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