Completed: projects (updated 08132015)


I have had several things on my to-do list and now that the flurry of doctor visits are done, and my husband has started his regimen of chemo medications (pills) at home, I have some time to work on projects with some continuity of time and focus.

I have tried now to focus on the guest rooms and get them organized, decorated, furnished and finished.  This first bedroom is the one we use first for guests; it is very cozy and roomy without being too big.  We based this design on our previous home’s guest room layout, and just enlarged it a bit for more room.  Our three-year old grandson has a cot that we put up in here when he and our son and his wife are here to visit.  It works great.

Right next to this room is the other guest room which we furnished with a sleeper sofa.  That room is also my sewing room and I am working on getting the closet fitted with shelves to hold my sewing stuff.  We did this at our previous home and it worked great and held so much.  We don’t need it to hang anything in, except I did hang my extra fabric yardages on hangers in it and I store the scraps in my collection of picnic baskets.  So this room will get my attention next.

But, I did get the main guest room pretty established and only a couple of projects are left to do. The room is painted in Sherwin Williams Jersey Cream and trimmed in S-W Dover White. The Boathouse picture and my little girl and boy sailor rabbits, on the dresser under the Boathouse, I made years ago in their blue and white sailor outfits and straw boat hats, and started the blue accent idea. Everything worked together nicely.

dresser is 60 years old

dresser is 60 years old

I repainted the dresser a nice Valspar navy color; it was my dresser before I was born (60 years old now), and has been lugged from house to house and repainted at least four times now.  This is the first time I have painted with a spray paint that did not give me the finish I had hoped for.  I struggled with this and am not entirely happy; however, this is the only brand of satin Navy I could find in spray so I will keep working on it.  I may end up painting by brush the same color and try for a  more uniform finish.  The brass pulls were added during one of its previous makeovers.

I also spray painted this little book shelf, between the windows, we made for our son before he was born in 1980.  This has also been repainted several times and lugged from house to house.  I used a navy Valspar gloss spray paint in the same color as the dresser.  The gloss covered better than the satin, although I did go ahead and spray it a Matte Black+Primer before I used the blue to deepen the color and it covered the surface better in fewer applications. It stores our grandson’s blankets and fold up cot.


The window coverings are a sheer burnout leaf pattern, and we brought them from our previous house and I just hemmed them shorter and hung them by tension rods in front of the wood blinds.  I had just enough room for the rod.  I like the clean look of not having any rods above the window.

I spray painted Navy the ledge shelf above the dresser; we have several my husband made, in various lengths, and we have also used these in the previous house as picture ledges.  I like the added dimension it gives to a wall without too much intrusion into the room.  It is nice to change artwork and not worry about nail holes.  We have repainted and used these in several places in the new house.  The artwork is from an art gallery in my hometown Wichita, KS, that was going to toss it, and it is a vintage black and white photo of the old Riverside boathouse that is no longer there along the Arkansas river in Wichita, with people in boats and enjoying the water,  from 1928. I love the matting around it in a very art deco design in soft blues and greens and the weathered look frame is a wiped on gray over the wood.

I created a gallery wall between the windows.  I had the picture by B. Cummings of quilts on a fenceline outside Gray’s Store, and plates (Carol Endres’ “Visitors” series), and plate racks;
I recently purchased the French look wall clock from Decor Steals and had it in the laundry room, but prefer it in the guest room.

The old iron bed I got years ago from neighbors in an old farmhouse who were selling some things; I got it for $100 and feel lucky I found it. I painted it in a navy enamel at that time and it’s stayed that way since.  I like the airiness of the frame and the true oldness of it.  The salvaged window above it has mirror squares attached into each square.  It is perfect to reflect light in the room and I found it in a consignment store at a good price: $25.

This wall opposite the windows will soon be completed and roughly mirrors the opposite wall of two windows and center “art gallery”.  I have it measured into three “panels” of 24″Wx48″H.  This is the dimension of the salvaged ceiling tin tiles I have in the shop that need some attention before attaching to the wall.  They will flank the center picture gallery and I will frame those edges in with molding so the rough edges are concealed.

The sweet Sunbonnet baby is something I needlepointed years ago. I like her bright blue bonnet and surrounded by the colorful flowers.

Sunbonnet Baby

Sunbonnet Baby

The centered art was framed in dollar store frames I spray painted in first the gloss blue, and then a second coat sprayed in the satin blue.  I like the way they turned out.  The artwork came from three books I got on, by Jamin+Ashley Mills of  They each contain tear out ready to frame artwork for an 8×10 frame.  The artist and their artwork descriptions are in the back of each book.  I can easily change out art when they need a new look.

I am also working on getting the bed’s nightstands in place.  For the moment, I may use two filing cabinets taking up space in my sewing room, and either paint them the same S-W Jersey Cream color as the walls, or sew up some fabric covers  in either a yellow or blue to coordinate. Pinterest has some good ideas for covering filing cabinets.  They are a little deeper than I would prefer, but can work.

My other option I am considering is sawing in half a vintage table I was using, that can attach to the wall on each side of the bed and not be too deep, but hold a small lamp.  I won’t be moving this furniture around, so I don’t need it portable.

The postage stamp style quilt and shams I have on the bed is by Ralph Lauren that I scored on Ebay for a great price and in perfect condition.  It has the navy, light blue, white and yellow that are in the room, and the small pops of red are also found in some of the art on the walls.

I updated this room a bit, just a little, because I had some furniture in storage to find a place for.  We had a heavy oak ice box end table we’ve had since the 80’s and our daughter recently was using it, then bought new furniture, so it came back to me.  I painted it in a navy chalk paint and used it in this room.  It has storage underneath which is nice, too. It looks great.  I polished up the brass and that was it. The blue is not really this bright, just the flash reflection; it’s really a darker navy tone in this corner of the room.

guestroom oak icebox night stand guest ice box bed (2)

On the wall opposite the windows, I had planned to refurbish some old 2’x4′ ceiling tin panels, but they were just too fragile and the paint was not coming off easily, and probably contained lead anyway, so they will sit and wait for another project.  Instead, I found some mirrors with interesting frames at HomeGoods and I painted them in my blue color and placed them opposite the windows, mimicing that wall layout. Between the mirrors is the gallery of framed water-related pictures and I really like having the mirrors reflecting the windows.

I also switched out the window pane mirror above the old iron bed with an oval one I had, and had a custom vinyl cutout of our family name  made in an etched look finish that just sticks on the mirror.  I have to leave a space to the right of the bed for my grandson’s cot when he visits so it looks a little spare on that side of the room. The quilt has been switched out to this one for summer. I am still trying to find homes for furniture I have in storage, but I hate to get rid of any of it, hoping I can find a place for it again.

guest mirror wall guest mirror wall

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