More trees

During one of the really nice warm February days, before all the nasty and cold, freezing weather hit us, I ventured over to our favorite tree farm over in Gunter, TX (Treeland) and picked out five October Glory maples to be installed near the house.  My husband and I went over last year about the same time when he was all through with his first treatments, and got some then for the new house.  We really liked how tall they were and the visual impact they gave to make the new house more grounded.

The installation of these five trees has been delayed twice because we have had such horrible weather.  And yesterday, it started raining early in the morning and there were puddles and mud pits all around the house by the time they arrived because the ground is so drenched from all the rain we have had the past couple weeks.   It was a great crew and installed them all in no time.  We have lots of trees away from the house, but having some close will cast some needed shade in the summer, and the birds have already started visiting them, maybe for spring nesting sites.

My next project is hiring a landscaper and getting sod installed around the house.  In the summer, the meadow and pasture grasses come in just fine to fill in, but the winter it’s just a mess, so sodding will give me much needed groundcover.

DSC_0014 DSC_0012 DSC_0011 DSC_0010


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