So much rain

It’s been a very wet and soggy spring. That’s good; the pond is overflowing and I don’t have to water the new trees as often. But, the landscaper I hired to install a sprinkler system and new yard is six weeks behind, which means I won’t get my yard until late May. I was hoping to get a lush lawn sooner than that, but I can’t complain about getting rain. In July we will be wishing for it.

I am also getting bids on a bit of nicer fencing at the driveway entry, instead of the barbed wire and tee posts. I am considering a rustic 3 or 4 rail cedar fence, and a gate. The neighbor’s horses like to get out of their pasture and find their way down my driveway to our pasture. When I get new grass, I don’t want 4 inch deep hoof prints and my new grass nibbled down. It’s really the only reason I’m getting a gate because I really don’t want the bother or any maintenance it might need. If solar can do the job, then I will go for it.

A kind neighbor got my Husqvarna lawn tractor tire repaired, and replaced the blades. The yard looks so much better after mowing with new blades. We just had no opportunity in the last couple years with my husband sick.

When it’s not raining we have to take advantage of that and work on outside projects and chores that need doing. I trimmed along the fence line and sprayed it so I don’t have to trim along it the rest of the summer. I love my cordless Black and Decker trimmer. The battery only gives me an hour at high-speed, so I will buy an extra battery to have at the ready. I straightened up some crooked posts and trimmed back some barbed wire that the builder did not take care of when they installed the drive. The drive went right through the barbed wire fence line, so they just cut the wire and pulled it back, not bothering to make it look good, and with extra wire hanging out in the way of my mowing. Taken care of.

Flowers and bulbs are planted, and finished up just before the next big round of rains came through this past weekend.

My few vegetables are doing nicely with all the rain. Tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber, and eggplant (never tried growing it before).

The new trees are leafing out enough now to cast some shade. The hummingbirds have arrived, along with the swallows and scissortail flycatchers. The scissortails nested in one of our new trees last year.

Hopefully, I won’t have to wait on getting my new fencing installed. I hope to make that decision in the next week and get it going soon after.


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