Catching up

I’ve not posted in quite a while. It has not seemed to be as inspiring for me to sit down and think of things to write about. Now, I have just decided to put anything and everything in here on a whim that strikes my fancy.  It might also help me get back on track with getting the garage sorted out.  The attached workshop was to be my husband’s domain and he had planned to get it all set up.  He passed away before we could even think about it, but I found his plans for how he wanted to do it and I have decided to tackle that and get it in shape.

Before I get started in there,  I will have to face the music and post photos of how it looks now, not a pretty sight at all. I am, however, excited to actually think about the finished space, and things still in boxes from our move can be donated since I decided I am ready for them to go somewhere else.

There are some stackpiles of lumber that were waiting to be used, but now my daughter’s boyfriend can have that so they can use in their new house projects. My head is finally starting to get a clear picture of how that space needs to look so I can work in there, which I fully intend to do.  I do a lot of painting, anything and everything, so having a clean space for that will be better than what I work in now, which is a junky mess.  The carpentry tools will all stay and my son can use them if I need him to do any quick little jobs around here.

With that, I have committed to presenting little updates, nothing earth shattering or mind blowing.  I have kept busy with working on my genealogy.  I am determined to get that all in place on It is mind boggling how much family we have once we start getting into the research. I have discovered some interesting family members. That can be another post.  I am also kinda sorta involved with the local Farmer’s Market and help out when I feel like it.  The season doesn’t last extremely long so it’s not a forever commitment.  After so many years of going helter skelter with kids, their sports, and work, it is very nice to do what I want, when I want. With that, I will now get my tea and sit on the porch for a bit.







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