Simple upgrades

Little things that can be done to make something look better is always a goal, it’s just choosing which ones to work on.

This week, really less than an hour one evening, I switched out the toilet handles in the three bathrooms. It really was something simple that improved the look and kind of “finished off” the fixtures.

I had decided which handles I wanted and searched for best prices, and found what I needed on Amazon. They were delivered in fine shape and one evening I just decided to get it done. An adjustable wrench was key in getting the old handles loosened up and key to getting the new handles secured tightly.  All fixtures by Moen, and it was done quicker than I imagined. The new handles look awesome. The old cheap-looking plastic ones are in the recycling bin.

Here is what I ordered for the master,  which has all chrome fixtures and a “country” vibe.

This brushed nickel Moen handle was used in the other two bathrooms that have the same finish.

What a difference this upgrade made.


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