Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday. My children and grandsons will be here to visit, and we’ll visit the cemetery and have dinner at a favorite restaurant, TaMolly’s in Greenville. My husband passed away two years ago. We miss him always.

I finally got up the courage to tackle the workshop and the garage spaces.  It is so embarrassing to see what it looked like, and I forced myself to take photos so I could see just what I had to tackle to end up with a happy place.  It turned out great and I am enjoying finding what I need in a second, and have an enjoyable place to work in.  I am still doing some tweaking to get it all as I want.  It’s now down to sorting through all the stash of nails, nuts and bolts to get them into easy to store and easy to see containers.  Right now they are all contained behind the cabinet doors, although easy to find.

First, I decided what storage organizing supplies I needed to get started. I ordered those through Amazon: a set of lumber racks that mount in wall studs, each row holds 150 lbs., and some galvanized peg board.  I can always get more if needed. After those arrived, I started the next stage.

My next obstacle was finding someone to take the stuff I no longer wanted. I found out a local donation store I always take our no longer needed things to, also has free pickup of larger items. Perfect as I had an armoire, a dresser and some side tables, and a very heavy oak computer desk. I also needed my local trash company to do a bulk pickup of any non-trash items I had. That turned out to be so easy and very cheap for me to have them do. Once those had been scheduled, it meant I had to get my work done to meet my self-imposed deadline of two weeks, and I did it.  The weather even cooled down and was very pleasant.

So here are my before and after photos of my husband’s workshop space, from the double door entry that opens from the garage space.  I worked every day for two weeks, for six to eight hours. I had to sort, move, sweep and clean,  paint and let dry and paint again and dry, haul, toss, attach to walls,  and re-arrange until everything fit. I enjoyed being able to re-purpose some things to use in these spaces.




I painted and used a set of bookcases my husband had made for our daughter for college; she didn’t need them any more so I repainted and re-purposed those on the left wall. They are interchangeable and bolt together any which way.   I even got to put up the old, and very heavy oak, wall phone that didn’t have a place in the house. The old school desk was saved many years ago from a classroom in Salina, Kansas by my husband’s carpenter grandfather, a son of immigrant Russian Mennonite parents, whose company had a contract with the schools to make, fix, and mend, as needed. The old inkwell cutout in the desktop has been filled in with a wood circle, but still visible. The old Coca Cola crate with bottles found a place on top of a shelf. The “Dad’s Workshop” was handmade for him by our daughter  several years back for Christmas. She bought the wood slice and hand-painted everything on it. She is now also an architect, following in her father’s footsteps.

The following week I attacked the garage.

This is the before photo with all the furniture donations piled to the side. The double doors leading into the workshop are somewhat visible to the right, behind all the furniture:


and then after, it is neat and tidy:


I ordered a much needed boot rack that fixes into wall studs. I moved and re-arranged the tools and the wire shelving. The very old, but working, 1950 refrig is waiting to either be sold or rewired and updated and kept. It is so heavy I couldn’t move it by myself, even with furniture slides, and back then they didn’t put wheels on the bottom. I really wanted to put it over in the corner, and later I can with some help and switch places with the wire shelving. The wire shelving is hooked into the wall studs so it won’t topple.

I really didn’t have to throw out much of anything, both spaces just needed attention.

Now I have some cushions to make for our diner booth in the house which is another long overdue update that I think I have an idea on how I want those to look. For now though, I am enjoying my tidy garage and workshop. Enjoy the holiday.





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