Blustery weather

Our winter-ish weather finally got here. It turned cold down into low 40’s day and 30’s night, just in time for decorations to be put up. Now it feels like Christmas weather. Today it’s a little confusing out, as it has high humidity and is warmer in the 50’s, but very windy.

I have a few small projects I am working on, just to stay busy and they are small enough I can work them inside. The repurposed buffet in the master bath, and the repurposed pretty little dresser in the powder need the drawer insides painted to make them look “finished”. I have started on the powder today. The drawers were reconfigured by the cabinet man to fit around the plumbing so all of that is new wood.  I am leaving the fronts as is, they are nice wood and look great.

I can’t decide what to do with them to dress them up a bit when open, so first I am just painting to start the process.  I am painting the powder vanity drawer interior black, as I have a lot of that as accent in that space.  The master will be painted aqua as that is my accent color in there. I’ll be using some stencils for pattern and I haven’t decided on those yet.  I’ll post photos of start to finish when done, and those quick projects give me a sense of accomplishment when I get to mark them off my to-do list.


Months ago, I painted the inside aqua of this little washstand in the master bath, and it creates a fun look when opened. I’ll do the same for the buffet.  It was owned by my husband’s grandparents, and so it has covered many miles over the years and we designed the bath space to accommodate it.

master bath washstand



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