My little adopted bundle of energy

Our 15 1/2 year old sweet dog, April,  died in September 2016. I could not decide whether to get another dog, because April had been the picture of good health and we never had an ounce of vet bills with her. You can never be sure of what you are going to get and I am not young enough to have to deal with any doggie health issues or behavior issues.  Someone told me I needed to watch and see what might show up. So I did.

A couple months later, I saw a couple of potentials listed at a nearby shelter and went for a look.  The first had no interest in me at all when we were outside to get to know each other.  The second did not have a really good photo and so I was pleased to see how cute she was in person, just the right size, and her temperament was suited to me. She always did a flop over on her back to get a tummy rub. She still does.  This was Violet. I adopted her and she has been such a joy.

She is healthy and happy. She had been at the shelter for a month, close to a year in age, and I’ve since fattened her up just a little bit. She loves to go on our long walks around the property which is close to a mile once around. We usually go twice a day as her energy requires it. If she sees something worthy of investigation, she points first, then moves in closer.  She does not bark; when she does, usually at the swallows she is playing with, it is a throaty hound sound. Otherwise, she “huffs” if she sees something that gets her attention.  She is not an attacking watchdog; she will lick you to death instead.

She’s a Jack Russell and a pointer mix (German shorthair?).  She is smaller than April was. She is white with beautiful brindled brown markings and her face is so pretty. Her almond eyes and narrow face, little ears that flop when she bounces around, will melt your heart when she is cuddling up for some attention. When she wants to go outside, she “bounces” in front of me.  She will curl up for naps at the base of my chair when I am working at the computer.  One day I heard a lot of thumps and noise on the stairs up to the upstairs office. She was throwing one of her little play balls down the stairs and chasing after it. This is her new entertainment. Like a bored only child, she devises her own fun. She stays off the furniture, but a stray sock on the floor or forgotten flip flops are open invitations for her to seize and run.  I have to distract her with a yummy treat to retrieve the abused item.

I had to get an area off the back porch/laundry room fenced in for her and she loves to chase the swallows that swoop in to play with her. The rabbits hop by on the outside of the fence and she is quick to chase them off. She searches for stray mudbugs that pop up in the yard.

I have not regretted my decision to adopt her, and she is my sweet companion.


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