Trying not to be political

I am not a politically active person. I vote. I read. I watch the news. I am most interested in the responses to terrorist activity in the U.S and now also Europe. I was really disheartened to see the Mayor of London respond on Piers Morgan’s show on how hard it is for them to track people coming into their country who are high level threats, because of their funding and lack of resources.

And our public Congressional hearings can be watched live and also replayed out on the internet.  We should all watch those and maybe understand a little better where everyone is coming from.  The public hearings are only a vague description of what has gone on behind the scenes.  The questioning is just worded differently from panel member to panel member. The answers have to be given carefully or not at all in such a public setting, to be answered in closed hearings.  I get that, but also cannot understand why the panel members don’t understand why answers cannot be given in this setting. But they continue to ask and waste time and energy.  Senator McCain was a a real head-scratcher and I see he has now responded on what he was trying to ask, but failed to get his point across in a lucid manner.  He just made no sense. I think I understand what he was trying to get at, but Comey’s answer was not said in a way to make McCain understand.  I was waiting for Comey to say further that Clinton would be pulled back in for investigation if there was any hint the Russians meddled in her campaign, as well. He didn’t say it and McCain could not understand why she was not also being looked at. Maybe she is, but Comey did not say so.  Or maybe she will be as events unfold, but Comey did not say so.  That’s what McCain was waiting for, some recognition she is not out of the picture, and that focus is not just on President Trump.

The hearings with the intelligence heads was very interesting, but again questions asked that even the most uninformed person would say could be a legal nightmare down the road, and still the panel pushed for answers. The reply was they could not reply in that public setting. I totally get it, but why doesn’t the panel?  Reporters would have a field day, and the potential for harming an investigation underway is so obvious if some of those questions were answered in a public hearing.

And to know the Russians have not been shut down and are still operating and meddling, not just in the U.S.,  is most disturbing.  This will turn into a real event. It has already been labeled as bigger than Watergate. That crossed my mind watching these hearings. The potential for political harm is huge.





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