Texas Safe Room program

I am in a county that offers a rebate on the installation of a safe room. I was on the waiting list for two years just to receive the application packet. I finally got to the top of the list and received the application, followed all the requirements for submittal, and got approved to participate. I got the North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program Award Packet the beginning of this month and have until the end of the month to read over the program criteria, timelines and required documentation that must be submitted. If I don’t respond, or choose to opt out of the program, I can with no consequences of any kind.

We are in the open out here and a tornado came very, very close to us right after we moved into our house. In fact, a very productive farm a few roads over was right in the path of the twister and practically flattened to the ground. Luckily, they were all safe, but livestock and buildings were destroyed.  Even if you are not in the path, the winds are pulling up and tossing things around that can themselves cause injury and structure damage. We were lucky, with no damage of any kind. I immediately applied for the Safe Room.

American Tornado Shelter Association and  also National Storm Shelter Association are two places to read more about the shelters. This rebate program will pay half, with a $3,000 cap. I am just now starting to sort through certifications and who I can consider as a reliable installer. Lots to read and understand, but it will be worth it.


The program allows installation inside or outside the home, current home or new home construction.  It can also be used as a panic room, for secure guns storage or other valuables, with many sizes available.

I can’t waste time making decisions and they require it be finished by the end of this year, so I am on a tight timeline. Can’t wait to get the install started.









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