Clean like a boss

I have never found anyone who said they love to clean.  Not fun,  time consuming, and usually involves a fight and/or arguments with one or more members of the household.

I did just run across this cleaning “boot camp”.  I have to do it this week so I can feel a load off my shoulders.  Not that my house is so unkempt, but there are just LITTLE things to do that add up to that weight on your shoulders and your mind.

This is the Boot Camp schedule. It’s not hard, but it will require commitment and dedication for just a few days.

1 Week Boot Camp! For When You’ve Lost Control of The Housework!

I would liken it to exercise when you get bored of the same routine.  You have to find a new direction to be inspired to dig in and start anew.

And it’s the perfect time of year where there are few distractions. The weather is not so nice outside, or warm, and travel and vacation are not in the mix.  Getting this done BEFORE spring will mean a reason to celebrate a new Season beginning.

I’ve printed out my schedule and I’m off to organize my cleaning supplies and get prepared.  Next weekend I should be relaxing in my sparkly surroundings.






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