Beware of the “try it for free, just pay shipping” scams

I am super aware of the scams out there and don’t fall for any of them. I send my suspicious emails to the “report Phishing” department of the company (Apple/ITunes seem to pop up a lot).  One came up for a cosmetic that seemed like a good thing, and I think it was supported by a famous physician.  Unfortunately, I didn’t print out the page I was reading from and so I can’t find that actual advertisement. It was a “try it for free, just pay $5 shipping” and two products were included.  They charged shipping to my credit card.  NEVER DO THAT.  Two weeks later, the full price of the products were charged to my card.

Once they get your card number, any variety of things can happen. READ your statement for several months afterward. PROTEST the charges with your credit card company and they will remove. CALL the company phone number on the statement and protest it and complain.   I even had a charge show up from another company on my statement that I don’t know where it came from, but it showed up two days after this one.

CALL your credit card company immediately and report suspicious charges. They should retract those charges to investigate further.    Also, REPORT to your state’s Attorney General and they can investigate abusive companies like this.  Go to your Attorney General’s website and there should be a place to make a complaint online.  Have all your info laid out and give them all the info you have (of course nothing like your credit card number or sensitive info; if they need something else they will ask).

The “shipping only” ad I read did not explain that once you paid this, it “enrolled” you into their program and they start charging $90 for each product.  I worked from the statement to look up their phone number and company name and found some other advertising/promotions online for the same kind of schemes.

Just don’t fall for the “pay shipping only, try it free”.  I have been reminded why I NEVER do these promos.



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