NASA Discovers 10 Potential Planets That May Be Habitable — TIME

NASA revealed Monday that one of its teams discovered hundreds of new potential planets, 10 of which may be habitable. The Kepler space telescope team added 219 new potential planets to its catalog, bringing its total findings over the first four years of observation to 4,034 planet candidates. Of those, 50 have now been flagged…

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My little adopted bundle of energy

Our 15 1/2 year old sweet dog, April,  died in September 2016. I could not decide whether to get another dog, because April had been the picture of good health and we never had an ounce of vet bills with her. You can never be sure of what you are going to get and I am not young enough to have to deal with any doggie health issues or behavior issues.  Someone told me I needed to watch and see what might show up. So I did.

A couple months later, I saw a couple of potentials listed at a nearby shelter and went for a look.  The first had no interest in me at all when we were outside to get to know each other.  The second did not have a really good photo and so I was pleased to see how cute she was in person, just the right size, and her temperament was suited to me. She always did a flop over on her back to get a tummy rub. She still does.  This was Violet. I adopted her and she has been such a joy.

She is healthy and happy. She had been at the shelter for a month, close to a year in age, and I’ve since fattened her up just a little bit. She loves to go on our long walks around the property which is close to a mile once around. We usually go twice a day as her energy requires it. If she sees something worthy of investigation, she points first, then moves in closer.  She does not bark; when she does, usually at the swallows she is playing with, it is a throaty hound sound. Otherwise, she “huffs” if she sees something that gets her attention.  She is not an attacking watchdog; she will lick you to death instead.

She’s a Jack Russell and a pointer mix (German shorthair?).  She is smaller than April was. She is white with beautiful brindled brown markings and her face is so pretty. Her almond eyes and narrow face, little ears that flop when she bounces around, will melt your heart when she is cuddling up for some attention. When she wants to go outside, she “bounces” in front of me.  She will curl up for naps at the base of my chair when I am working at the computer.  One day I heard a lot of thumps and noise on the stairs up to the upstairs office. She was throwing one of her little play balls down the stairs and chasing after it. This is her new entertainment. Like a bored only child, she devises her own fun. She stays off the furniture, but a stray sock on the floor or forgotten flip flops are open invitations for her to seize and run.  I have to distract her with a yummy treat to retrieve the abused item.

I had to get an area off the back porch/laundry room fenced in for her and she loves to chase the swallows that swoop in to play with her. The rabbits hop by on the outside of the fence and she is quick to chase them off. She searches for stray mudbugs that pop up in the yard.

I have not regretted my decision to adopt her, and she is my sweet companion.

Trying not to be political

I am not a politically active person. I vote. I read. I watch the news. I am most interested in the responses to terrorist activity in the U.S and now also Europe. I was really disheartened to see the Mayor of London respond on Piers Morgan’s show on how hard it is for them to track people coming into their country who are high level threats, because of their funding and lack of resources.

And our public Congressional hearings can be watched live and also replayed out on the internet.  We should all watch those and maybe understand a little better where everyone is coming from.  The public hearings are only a vague description of what has gone on behind the scenes.  The questioning is just worded differently from panel member to panel member. The answers have to be given carefully or not at all in such a public setting, to be answered in closed hearings.  I get that, but also cannot understand why the panel members don’t understand why answers cannot be given in this setting. But they continue to ask and waste time and energy.  Senator McCain was a a real head-scratcher and I see he has now responded on what he was trying to ask, but failed to get his point across in a lucid manner.  He just made no sense. I think I understand what he was trying to get at, but Comey’s answer was not said in a way to make McCain understand.  I was waiting for Comey to say further that Clinton would be pulled back in for investigation if there was any hint the Russians meddled in her campaign, as well. He didn’t say it and McCain could not understand why she was not also being looked at. Maybe she is, but Comey did not say so.  Or maybe she will be as events unfold, but Comey did not say so.  That’s what McCain was waiting for, some recognition she is not out of the picture, and that focus is not just on President Trump.

The hearings with the intelligence heads was very interesting, but again questions asked that even the most uninformed person would say could be a legal nightmare down the road, and still the panel pushed for answers. The reply was they could not reply in that public setting. I totally get it, but why doesn’t the panel?  Reporters would have a field day, and the potential for harming an investigation underway is so obvious if some of those questions were answered in a public hearing.

And to know the Russians have not been shut down and are still operating and meddling, not just in the U.S.,  is most disturbing.  This will turn into a real event. It has already been labeled as bigger than Watergate. That crossed my mind watching these hearings. The potential for political harm is huge.




Farmhouse styles

It’s hard to pin down a particular style-love when you love so many.  Farmhouse has to be one of my favorites because it just conjures up the simplicity of farm life, which is an oxymoron as nothing is simple in farm life.  It takes hard work and lots of planning to eke out an existence.  But the farmhouse built in a modern style today looks very charming.

We have been lucky to live on acreage (3 acres, then 104 acres, and now 26 acres) since 1995.  My husband-the-architect custom designed two of those houses and the third was a custom design by the previous owners and we liked it very much too.


Tile style

I love tiles; they offer so much to a space and can be used in so many different and unusual ways with a little thought and imagination.









Loft kitchens

Snaidero wins a special mention for its loft kitchen from the German 2017 design award. MIX & MATCH DESIGN This is the Loft’s spirit, perfectly inspired by an urban mood rich with references and suggestions. First of all, those coming from the industrial metropolitan world, those tied to old-time lofts where the raw materials, starting…

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Snow Day

Our first snow is happening right now. It started lightly blowing flurries around noon and has since gotten heavier and is collecting on the ground.

I got the Christmas decor put away a few days ago and I am waiting for the predicted warmer weather in a few days. For now, it’s hibernate and stay warm, with a very nice homemade vegetable soup cooking in the crockpot.

I also got myself a Christmas present when I adopted a rescue dog from the local shelter. I wasn’t sure if, after our 15 1/2 year old dog died, I could find one suitable for me. But after looking on Petfinder, a real cutie showed up on their site, and not far from me. So I went over and looked at two dogs I was considering. I was allowed a good amount of time to get to know them both individually, but Violet won me over. She is a (guessing) Beagle/Pointer mix and about a year old, and at the shelter for about a month. At first I thought she could be a Jack Russell/Beagle mix, but  her mannerisms when we walk on the property would tell me she is a pointer mix (she does point when she is pausing to check something out or listen to sounds). It really doesn’t matter, but she is the right size for me at about 24 lbs. (I can easily lift  her in and out of the SUV into her kennel when she needs to go to the vet or boarding).

We walk all over my property, 26 acres, and that’s good for her and me, both.  I try to do that twice a day when it’s nice and we both miss it when it’s not nice, like today. I still try to at least get her for a quick walk around the house, which is about 4 acres, so that’s something.  She loves being outside.

If you need to adopt or just see what they have (all kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats), Petfinder is a great online tool.  You can filter down to get a probable match that will work for you. My fee paid for her spaying, microchipping, all her vet visits for deworm/rabies/parvo vaccines, and I got a free six months of heartworm/parasite tabs.  Needless to say, I have spoiled her with attention and Violet is very gladly accepting it all.