A Culture of Models — Life of an Architect

Architectural models … there’s not a person walking the planet who doesn’t love them. My office isn’t particularly large, either in terms of employees (7) or square footage (1,677 sf), but we currently have 17 physical models of projects lying around. Despite their protests, I am not considering any of my employees as “architectural models”. At […]

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Manic Mondays: 5 Minute Fixes

For anyone needing a simple update to ugly OUTLETS, from the “smoker brown” or ivory, to crisp white, here is a great product for any DIY’er.

The Bachelorette Pad Flip

You’re busy. I’m busy. We are all busy!

In the spirit of that, I thought a new series would help us keep up with “joys” of home ownership. We tend to let certain things slide and put off because “I’ll get to it one day.” As a Realtor, I see regularly these little things add up to numerous to-do items! So each Monday, I’ll be highlighting several 5 minute fixes that even on a manic Monday (or Thursday…), we can all check off an item on the to do list!

For this week’s 5 minute fix, you may have seen it around the blog before. Because honestly it’s worth sharing and resharing. Most people I know don’t even know it exists!

To state what I’ve stated 391 times before, I don’t touch electrical in my flips. For safety and liability reasons, I always hire an electrician. And every single…

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Old House Love

My late husband was a residential architect, and we both loved all things “houses”. We designed and built two of our own.  We would have loved to own a fixer upper older house, but we didn’t have a lot of time or money to invest in that process so we never did, but value the heritage of older homes.

We did find a beautiful historic home for sale before we built this last house that I was absolutely in love with.  These are the photos in the listing. Hard to get a true feel for it, but it definitely was not “tiny”.  Click on the photo to start the slideshow. Slide 13-18 is showing upstairs area. Slide 19 is the 3rd floor attic gameroom.


A grand two story (actually three, with remodeled attic gameroom), with a porte cochere, old detached carriage house that was turned into an apartment (needed lots of reno), pool, deck.  But once again, it would have required more time than we could invest so we chose not to buy.  Although we were wanting something with acreage, this corner lot was nice and large, but not country.   Amazingly, it had a smallish kitchen, which nowadays is hard to consider. There was really no way to expand it without some major wall moving, and usually historic homes require all kinds of permissions to do anything to them, even inside. In Dallas a new historic homeowner wanted to add a couple closets to bedrooms and they were denied because it would alter the interior footprint.

The previous owners had kept this house updated, and the upstairs bedrooms were large and spacious off of a central hall and the baths were not “needy” in terms of updating.  It was not a Craftsman style that we are partial to, but it had lots going for it that outweighed that fact. But, it was also HUGE and much more than we needed.

There is a website called CIRCAoldhouses.com and they are a fun to look through and see what’s out there for sale.  Some are a real steal.  They also have a newsletter that sends out weekly picks of houses on the market.


The closest we have gotten to any old house reno, is rescuing items from houses being reno’d. We’ve gotten clawfoot tubs, high backed porcelain sink, old doorknob sets, bookcases with leaded glass doors, and a light fixture or two.  We used some in our new house, like the tub in the master bathroom, and sink in the laundry/mudroom, here. By the way, I am in love with the Blue Pearl granite I chose for the laundry room.

I also belong to a couple of “flippers” blogs and boy do they have their work cut out for them.  Those will hit you with a huge dose of reality if you are thinking of renovating, anything.  They are also under a timeline and numbers crunch which makes it doubly stressful.  It is fun to see the befores and afters.  This is one flipper blog I really like.  https://bachelorettepadflip.com/

Some old houses are worth rescuing, others just can’t, and that’s ok. Even rescuing something from an old house is better than nothing.

(I will also add, after having someone sick in the house who can’t do stairs, it makes you rethink having stairs at all in any house, ever)


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